GM and AC Delco provide technical information via online portals and phone service

GM Holden, along with its aftermarket parts arm AC Delco, is one of the few car manufacturers doing its part for Choice of Repairer and data sharing by providing legitimate technical data to independent mechanical workshops.
Holden has given access to its technical repair data to the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) which has made it available via its technical call centre on 1300 013 343. There is a small fee for the service.
Holden’s aftermarket parts arm, AC Delco, has also set up an online portal at www.acdelcotds.com, which allows independent automotive repairers access to the important technical data.
Previously, members of Holden Trade Club had access to the Collision Tech Web Portal.
Holden claims that while there was a comprehensive listing of repair procedures available on this portal, the company felt that they alone weren’t enough for a repair facility to produce a “Safe and Proper Repair” on today’s complex Holden vehicles.
“The repair procedures lacked the necessary mechanical service and repair information typically needed to fix modern vehicles,” Holden Collision Business Manager, Damian Cahill, said.
“Also hyperlinks within the pages indicating other instructions repairers might wish to reference, weren’t active.”
This site was decommissioned on April 30, 2019. The new process will deliver a link to packets of repair procedures aimed at putting Holden customer vehicles back on the road; not just the structural information for a Collision Repair or a single document for a mechanical repair.
“The aim is to include associated repair procedures and any relevant hyperlinked documents, as deemed necessary. Wiring diagrams can be included if requested,” Damian said.
“Each page in the repair procedure packet is watermarked with VIN, Holden Part Number, and the extraction date.”
You do not need to be a member of the VACC to make use of either of the services. While there is a cost for the VACC-managed service, Holden says this will go towards developing, updating, researching, and delivering repair information.
The fee for each request for information has been set at $45 plus GST to cover these costs.

For more information, visit www.acdelcotds.com or call 1300 013 343.