2018 was a busy year for Whiteline

Across last year, Whiteline released numerous performance handling kits for the growing hot hatch market.
Historically dominated by the JDM models, European and even Korean makes are starting to increase in popularity, says Whiteline, stating it has been hard at work delivering a range of products that ‘Activate More Grip.’
“On the European front, the Volkswagen Golf GTI and R (AWD) models are a modifying dream with impressive power upgrades usually followed by handling and brakes. In 2018 Whiteline released a suite of products catering for the Golf market and the response has been phenomenal,” Whiteline General Manager, Andrew Nolan, said.
“It is fair to say that the WRX and STI community is being challenged by the Golf guys!
“These European cars are so well built and offer so much tuneability that its really hard to fault them. In fact I drive one myself and love it!”
Whiteline has not stopped at Golf either, with research and development outputting products for the Renault Megane RS, Mercedes A45 AMG and Audi RS3 over 2018.
But it’s the not so surprising hot hatches that have really excited Whiteline, explains Andrew.
“We have developed a soft spot for two newer vehicles over the course of development and these are the Honda Civic Type R and the Hyundai I30N. Wow and wow!” Andrew said.
“These two vehicles are really impressive out of the showroom which means new challenges on developing value for money handling products.
“Without a doubt, adjustable sway bars still prove to be our best modification and on front wheel drives (hot hatches) a simple rear sway bar stiffness increase delivers jaw dropping turn in and grip levels. Combine this with a set of lowered springs and the car looks and handles like a go kart.
“If you own or work on hot hatches, be sure to get in contact with Whiteline if you want unrivalled handling performance.”

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