Cornell Diesel Systems is an OEM-authorised remanufacturer of Common Rail diesel injectors

The company explains this means a remanufactured injector from Cornell Diesel Systems is identical to a new injector.
Cornell Diesel Systems has been appointed to remanufacture Denso, Bosch, Delphi and VDO diesel fuel injectors in Australia.
Cornell Diesel Systems has invested in ISO-standard facilities, equipment and training to meet the stringent compliance levels required to service and repair injectors.
Disassembly and reassembly work is carried out in pressurised clean rooms with highly refined filtering systems that act as air purifiers. Cornell Diesel Systems explains the air in these areas is filtered to meet strict ISO standards for particle count and cleanliness, which is a requirement for assembling modern diesel system components.
Cornell Diesel Systems says remanufactured injectors can sometimes have a poor perception due to refurbished injectors being marketed as remanufactured injectors. It says refurbished injectors that are repaired using any non-genuine parts can result in incorrect tolerances, poor vehicle performance, and premature wear.
There are critical differences between remanufactured injectors and refurbished injectors. Cornell Diesel Systems explains remanufactured injectors can only be considered as truly remanufactured if 100 percent of replacement parts are genuine OEM and built to new OEM injector specifications.
As an OEM-approved and authorised remanufacturer, Cornell Diesel Systems only uses genuine OEM replacement parts. It remanufactures injectors back to original OEM condition, and all injectors are coded individually.
As such, Cornell Diesel Systems says its remanufactured injectors are exactly the same as new injectors, whereas refurbished injectors are often not.
Additionally, Cornell Diesel Systems tests and verifies remanufactured injectors on the latest test equipment that has been calibrated by the OEM, in ISO-accredited, climate-controlled clean room facilities.
With a history in diesel fuel injection spanning over 47 years, Cornell Diesel Systems says it is proud to supply remanufactured injectors out of one of the world’s highest level remanufacturing facilities. It says the advantage of buying parts from a diesel specialist like Cornell Diesel Systems is the long-standing relationships that have been built up with the OEMs to ensure customers receive only the highest level of service and repair.
Cornell Diesel Systems is a member of Capricorn and also offers other payment methods.

To enquire about diesel fuel injection services and parts you can contact Cornell Diesel Systems’ Melbourne branch on 03 9267 8800 or or its Sydney branch on 02 9757 7373 or