New kit introduced for the new Isuzu D-MAX and Mazda BT50

Diesel performance specialists High Performance Diesel have released a new catch can kit to suit the new Isuzu D-MAX. The new kit will also fit the new Mazda BT50, which shares the 4JJ3-TCX engine.
Suitable for D-MAX and BT50 models from late 2020 onward powered by the Isuzu 4JJ3-TCX turbo-diesel engine, the new kit adds to the more than 50 model-specific kits in HPD’s range.
Australian made from billet aluminium, the HPD catch can is a simple and effective modification to protect the long-term health of turbo-diesel engines.
Oil vapour from the crankcase breather combines with soot from the EGR valve to form a sticky deposit that restricts air flow and reduces engine efficiency and power.
The catch can collects this fine vapour before it reaches the intake and affects the turbo, intercooler and inlet manifold. HPD explains that an intake clean is expensive and not covered by warranty, and in some vehicles has been required in as little as 60,000km.
The new models come with all laser-cut brackets, oil and pressure-rated hoses and all clamps and fasteners needed to complete a factory-look fitment.
HPD says comprehensive instructions make DIY installation easy with basic tools, or it can be quickly fitted by any mechanic during regular service.
Once fitted, the HPD catch can reportedly requires very little maintenance. There is a dipstick to monitor oil level, the reservoir unscrews to empty it and the stainless steel mesh filters are said to never need replacing.

The new kit can be ordered online from www.hpdiesel.com.au