An aftermarket transmission cooler can be cheap insurance for automatic transmissions

If a vehicle is heavier than standard; used to carry or tow heavy loads or tackle off-road challenges; or has been tuned for extra power and torque; the transmission can become overwhelmed and heat up to the point that the oil begins to break down, risking expensive damage.
High Performance Diesel (HPD) has a range of transmission coolers which it says are more effective than OEM systems, maintaining protection by keeping the transmission within safe operating temperatures even under extreme conditions.
It is commonplace for modern vehicles to cool the transmission oil by running it through a heat exchanger cooled by the engine’s coolant or running the oil through the bottom tank of the radiator. HPD says both of these methods can fall short when everything is working hard, with detrimental and expensive effects.
It says a dedicated transmission cooler is a superior solution, stating that its oil-to-air transmission coolers with robust bar and plate construction have been designed and tested to provide stable transmission temperatures under the toughest conditions.
Reduced temperatures extend the working life of the transmission fluid and in turn prolong the life of the transmission itself through improved lubrication while offering improved fuel economy and reduced engine coolant temperatures.
All HPD transmission cooler kits come with everything required for installation. HPD manufactures transmission cooler kits to suit a variety of popular models, including Holden Colorado, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu DMAX.

The kits are available at www.hpdiesel.com.au with prices starting from $600.