The company has announced a new Australian distribution partnership for the car care range from the USA

In 2014, HPPLunds announced the new distribution partnership of the iconic USA brand, JB Weld (World’s Strongest Bond) for Australia.
Since that announcement, HPPLunds says JB Weld sales in Australia have grown at a rapid rate and the brand is now available from most automotive outlets.
Now, HPPLunds says it is proud to announce another USA icon brand distribution partnership for Australia – the car care range of Formula One.
HPPLunds says the success of Formula One can be broken down to three areas.
“First off is Formula One’s brand recognition. The phrase ‘formula one’ is obviously synonymous with high performance in the auto racing world and it also has parallels with wealth, technology and celebrity. The brand reflects this and it tries to remain in close association with the racing circuit,” HPPLunds General Manager, Lee Haywood, said.
“Then there is its ‘Carnauba Quality’ – a fundamental aspect to the brand which puts this key ingredient first and is always sure to source the highest quality Carnauba available.
“Finally is value. Formula One prides itself on quality at a competitive price.
“We spent several months researching and quality testing Formula One products and found the results were excellent, with all products exceeding the expectations of quality and performance.
“The pricing of Formula One is very competitive and will allow stockists of this range excellent margins. In a tough market this is extremely important.”
The Formula One product offering covers Carnauba Waxes, Car Wash and Wax in various sizes and quality levels, as well as protectants and cleaners for all parts of the vehicle with fifty part numbers in the range.
HPPLunds encourages you to ask for a copy of the Formula One catalogue today and to consider becoming a stockist to enjoy exceptional margins on a high quality product range.

For more information, visit www.hpplunds.com.au