The roller cover has been specifically designed for the new Nissan Navara

The release of the Nissan Navara NP300 MY21 has been highly anticipated ever since it was first announced. Now that the remodel is out in Australia, new owners are excited to get behind the wheel. Nissan has promised to deliver an enhanced level of safety and comfort while continuing to bring reliability and durability.
Australian-owned HSP 4X4 Accessories has been preparing a product release of its own to accompany the new Nissan Navara. Its goal was to create a roller cover that would match the look of the modern Navara MY21+. The result is the HSP Electric Roll R Cover, which can be fitted on the Navara at the time of purchase. This new design was created specifically to fit and seal on the tub configuration of the NP300 MY21+.
HSP has stated that this new roller cover is compatible with all genuine sports bars, ladder rack systems, and crossbars. Part number NN4R is suitable for all dual-cab NP300 MY21+ without a sports bar. Part number NN42R is designed for all dual-cab NP300 MY21+ with an ST, STX, or PRO4X sports bar.
The Electric Roll R Cover has some notable features. It has interlocked aluminum extrusions to prevent slicing or forced entry. This is available with a tail lock system for full security. Two interior wing gutters are designed to catch and redirect rainfall down four dedicated drain channels. The modular design, security features, and effective drainage will enhance the look and function of the Nissan Navara.

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