The innovative ute accessories company is looking to bring back Aussie manufacturing

HSP 4×4 Accessories has announced plans to establish a Victorian manufacturing hub including a ‘mega factory.’
Negotiations are currently underway for a 200,000 square metre parcel of land in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, on which HSP plans to eventually establish a number of factories.
While the company currently employs 40 staff across its Melbourne and Alexandria locations, its ambitious plans could eventually see it double or triple staff numbers.
“I would say the state of Aussie manufacturing right now is concerning, but also hopeful,” HSP 4×4 Accessories Director, Massih Aimaq, said.
“If we look back at the 50s and 60s where manufacturing in Australia was at its peak, we had just shy of 30 percent of the economy employed in manufacturing which is four times our current figures.
“In saying this, there are incredible opportunities to bring back manufacturing to Australia and really push some good products out to the world.
“We want to be a part of this, and so we are currently in the planning stages for our new manufacturing hub.
“We feel so lucky to be in Australia, and even if there are uncertainties throughout the world, the only way we will overcome these is by pushing forward. We think it is so sad to see some companies who were Australian manufacturers move some or all of their business overseas – we think that now is a better time than ever to have confidence in our economy.”
With its plans, HSP hopes to deliver much-needed jobs to its community.
“By achieving our goals and retaining our manufacturing here in Australia, we plan on creating more jobs. For every job we create internally, we are also supporting so many other industries who support our business also,” Massih said.
HSP 4×4 Accessories produces a range of leading accessories, with many of its aftermarket products currently being used or considered for use by a number of major car manufacturers, including Mitsubishi.
“We are so focused on offering innovative products that offer a unique user experience that it almost takes over our daily lives,” Massih said.
“Take for example our Roll R Cover: it was the first electric, ladder rack, rhino rack sports bar compatible unit on the market. And while others have caught up to the electric part, we are able to now integrate it with voice command or phone applications and due to our patents we have been able to ensure this is a feature specific to HSP products.
“We have six projects currently that we are working on which will revolutionise the market we are in. When making product decisions, we look to the customer, not our competitors, and that allows us to be truly innovative.”

For more information, visits www.hsputelids.com