For Isuzu and Mazda third generation vehicles

HSP says it has taken a proactive approach to ensure it is first to market on almost every aftermarket offering of 2021 and says it has even been quicker than some of the genuine offerings.
“For years we have had the philosophy that if you do it all internally you have maximum control, and that’s not just in terms of the sectors within our business, but in terms of where your business is located,” HSP Sales Director, Massih Aimaq, said.
“We have always been a big believer in building in Australia and with all the negatives of COVID-19, the silver lining for us was that we didn’t have delays due to extended shipping time or multi-country lockdowns.”
HSP says it was the first to release the Silverback, Tail Lock, Tail Assist Load slide and Roll R Cover on the Mazda/D-Max in the third quarter of 2020 and has now finished its range with the Premium Lid.
The HSP premium lid has three variations for the D-Max which consist of a one- and three-piece dual cab lid and a one-piece space cab lid. The Mazda Bt50 has two variations which consist of a one- and three-piece lid to suit the dual cab.
HSP says its Premium range of lids is one of the most popular hardcovers in Australia and boasts a range of features such as carpet interior, quick release hinges/struts, deep channels for water protection, a vehicle-specific shape to suit the vehicle and of course the integrated locking and light option.
The covers are officially available via HSP, your closest HSP authorised distributor or any vehicle dealership and due to being locally manufactured, reportedly only require one to two weeks from time of order to being fitted on your vehicle. HSP is looking for more distributors to join its family nationally.

For more information visit www.hsputelids.com or email info@hsputelids.com