A full range of HSP products for the LDV are now available

Featured in the range are the Silverback hard lid, Electric Roll R Cover, Loadslide, tailgate central locking and tailgate assist struts.

HSP LDV Electric Roll R Cover
HSP says its Roll R Cover pushes the boundaries of traditional covers and offers a secure, versatile and practical cover fit for the LDV T60.
Not only is the unit electric, but the HSP Roll R cover can work with LDV black or chrome bars, crossbars and is even compatible with a ladder rack system while offering one of the most compact canisters and “second to none” water protection.

HSP LDV Load Slide
Sick of hurting your knees from climbing in and out of your tub? Experiencing shoulder and back pain from awkwardly having to put your load in and out of your tub? HSP says its Load Slide is a purpose-built retractable bed slide and each unit has an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to your LDV T60 and designed to give better access and management of your cargo.

HSP LDV Silverback Lid
The HSP SilverBack Range is a brand-new line of hard lids from HSP.
Designed for the user that wants a multipurpose cover offering “outstanding security, visual aesthetics and load-carrying capability at a cost-effective price.”
While this is not compatible with factory sports bars, you can add Rhino Crossbars for enhanced load capacity.

HSP LDV Tailgate Central locking
HSP says it is often asked: “my LDV already has tailgate central locking… doesn’t it?” It explains that the answer is a simple ‘no.’
With the HSP tail lock, you can sleep easy knowing that when your car is locked, so is your tailgate.
The company says its HSP Tail Lock is a truly revolutionary product allowing you to sync your tailgate with your existing vehicle remote.
Further, it requires no drilling, just plug and play.

HSP LDV Tail Assist
HSP says its Tail Assist doesn’t just help you, it also helps those around you. Tailgates are heavy and fall at a destructive speed, which means they can easily injure yourself and the people around you.
Tail assist by HSP is an innovative product designed to reduce the heaviness of the LDV tailgate. The advanced HSP Tail Assist works via a twin strut system that effortlessly dampens the drop of the tailgate reduces weight while inclining.

For more information, visit www.hsputelids.com