Now even more affordable

Every tradie needs a reliable cover to protect their goods, and by extension, their livelihood.
Thankfully with the popularity of utes in Australia there is an enormous range of goods on offer.
There are so many ways you can cover your tub from canopies, to hard lids and roll tops as well as soft covers.
All of these have different advantages and disadvantages. HSP says to get a reputable locking cover that is secure and has a list of features similar to the Silverback lid costs generally from around $2,000 to $3,000.
“At HSP we wanted to even the playing field for people out there,” HSP 4×4 Director, Massih Aimaq, said.
“Not everybody can afford or justify that kind of money for a cover, so they generally settle for a soft tonneau, which is extremely susceptible to theft, so we created the Silverback Hard lid.
“The Silverback Range is a brand-new line of hard lids from HSP. It has been designed for the user that wants a multipurpose cover offering outstanding security, visual aesthetics, and load carrying capability at a cost-effective price of just $1,299.00.
“The unit is made from tough and strengthened fiberglass and boasts a huge list of additional features such as a carpeted interior, quick release pin hinges, and cross bar compatibility while also allowing the user to load items in and out of their tub via the tailgate.
“Installation is also extremely simple and takes less than an hour, which makes the Silverback a fantastic option for those who want all the great features of a cover at a cheaper product and fitting price.
“The other fantastic thing about the Silverback Hard lid is that it is 100 percent manufactured and made in Australia, so you are actively helping keep jobs in Australia.”

For more information about HSP products, visit www.hsputelids.com