Hulk 4×4 has expanded its recovery equipment offering with new kinetic ropes and hyper soft shackles

The Hulk 4×4 kinetic ropes are available in two variants, 8.6 tonnes (HU210) and 13 tonnes (HU211), offering versatility for any recovery need.
Crafted from 100 percent nylon, both ropes boast a 9m length and 30 percent elasticity for greater recoil during recovery, and are built to withstand the toughest recovery tasks.
Braided and coated for durability and long-lasting performance, the ropes feature orange (HU210) or red (HU211) ends for high visibility and enhanced safety during operation.
They are compatible with both steel and soft shackles, for maximum flexibility and convenience, and come with a 40L dry storage bag, to help protect the interior of the vehicle from any mud or dirt, which can also be used as a cable damper if required.
Also now available from Hulk 4×4 are hyper soft shackles in two variants, the HU215 which boasts a breaking strength of 14 tonnes, and the HU216 with a breaking strength of 21 tonnes.
Built with a 12-strand ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), the new hyper shackles are lighter and stronger when compared to traditional options.
Both hyper shackles provide robust support for even the most demanding recovery scenarios, with the lightweight design allowing for easier handling and operation.
The braided jacket and UHMWPE sewing on the hyper shackles enhance their resistance to wear and tear, ultimately extending their lifespan and ensuring durability in harsh off-road conditions.
With a one-piece design, the new Hulk 4×4 hyper shackles are incredibly easy to connect and disconnect, saving time and effort during recovery operations.
The HU215 comes with a 10mm diameter and 0.58m length, while the HU216 is available with a 12mm diameter and 0.56m length.
All of the new Hulk 4×4 recovery items have been batch-tested in Australia by an accredited NATA testing facility, with all exceeding load rating expectations.
Hulk 4×4 recommends that users choose the most appropriate product for their situation, and if they’re unsure, they should research accredited 4WD training courses.
Australian-owned and operated, Hulk 4×4 says it is one of the fastest growing players in the local off-road and 4WD market, with a massive range of the latest hard-wearing innovative gear.
Hulk 4×4 says its core mission is to supply the best products for the off-roading community, with everything required to completely fit-out off-road vehicles to get to their next destination and back, time after time.

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