Premier Auto Trade has launched the ICON Series range of replacement Ignition Lead sets

The new range of direct fit ignition leads includes over 400 part numbers suitable for almost 3.6 million vehicle applications, making it the most comprehensive range in the Australian Aftermarket, says Premier Auto Trade (PAT).
The ICON Series Ignition Lead range reportedly includes high quality products manufactured in Europe, specifically tailored to each individual make and model of vehicle. To ensure optimum performance, PAT says all ICON Series Ignition Lead sets are supplied with a lead separator for safe and easy lead management.
ICON Series Ignition Leads all feature OE form, fit and function and are supplied in the same diameter cable as the original leads on the vehicle. PAT explains that it sources the highest grade and quality of materials possible, specifying the same cable technologies as offered by the original manufacturers, which meet or exceed the OEM specifications.
The new ICON Series range includes all different types of ignition leads, offering different specifications of heat ranges, resistance, and construction suitable for a huge range of vehicle applications. They are made from durable, low resistance materials, and tested to withstand the harsh environment in which they operate.
To maximise radio suppression, resistance to temperature, water and oil degradation and chemical attack, PAT says all ICON Series Ignition Lead cable is manufactured with double silicone protection, using high quality Class F cable, tested to meet international ISO3808/J2031 standards.
It explains that spark plug boots and terminal covers are moulded from silicone to give a watertight seal, and all terminals are machine crimped to ensure reliable connections over a long service life.
PAT says all ICON Series Ignition Leads are extensively tested, including Pull Off tests, both hot and cold temperature testing, checks on all terminals and connections and a high voltage immersion test to check for current seepage.
The ICON Series is said to be an extensive offering representing Premier Auto Trade’s heritage in quality automotive products, and is covered by a two-year, 40,000km warranty, with all products listed in the OSCAR electronic aftermarket parts catalogue system from AutoInfo, including reference images for easy identification.
The full range of Premier Auto Trade products is available in the aftermarket via a network of specialised resellers and leading automotive groups.

For more information, visit www.premierautotrade.com.au