Superformance says it builds premium high-end Independent Front Suspension solutions in-house

Suspension is a critical safety component and the better the suspension, the better the ride for the occupants, says Superformance.
The company says Independent Front Suspension, otherwise known as IFS, offers many key benefits over earlier front suspension designs.
It explains that in older designs when one wheel hits a bump, it affects both wheels, compromising the quality of the ride and possibly causing traction loss which is exaggerated at higher speeds. As such, it is clear that vehicle stability is affected by design.
With an Independent Front Suspension, each wheel moves independent of the other, which Superformance says reduces the amount of traction loss and greatly improves the quality of the ride.
An IFS typically has lower unsprung weight than earlier designs and Superformance says a quality IFS unit like the ones it offers requires considerable research and development of the engineering mechanisms at play in the movement of suspension.

Caster, Camber and Anti Dive are all factored in at the time of manufacture, it explains, stating that simple adjustment with premium shim adjustable control arm shafts means any competent Wheel Align shop understands how to set them up. Indeed, Superformance says the alignment industry has spoken at length about what is available, and its team has listened.
Superformance has in-house built IFS systems for the Holden Torana 1974-1980 range LH, LX, UC; Ford Pickup 1948-1952; Ford F100 1953-1956; Ford F100 1973-1979; Chevrolet C10 1963-1972; Chevrolet 1973-1987 and also has more to come. It says if the IFS you are chasing is not listed, you should contact its team as it will have another supplier.
Superformance also sells imported IFS kits ex-USA from well-known manufacturers such as Chris Alston Chassisworks, Heidts, Kugel Components, Scott’s Hotrod and Total Cost Involved as well as others.

For more information, contact Superformance on 07 3488 7858 or info@superformance.com.au