IM Group says it is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Dorman products

IM Group says Dorman is a leading supplier of specialist products. The USA company specialises in producing quality aftermarket products that have high rates of failure as original equipment (OE) parts. Many of these parts are traditionally only available as OE from the dealer in the North American market.
It covers passenger vehicle, trucking and agriculture equipment replacement parts for Japanese, American and European built vehicles.
IM Group says it is proud to be the exclusive distributors of Dorman products, bringing the benefits the North American industry has had since 1908 to Australia and New Zealand.
Much of the Dorman range has been designed to offer an aftermarket alternative to products that have previously been ‘Dealer only’, IM Group explains.
Products are divided into four major classes: Power-train, Automotive Body, Chassis and Hardware.
The Power-train product line includes intake and exhaust manifolds, cooling products, harmonic balancers, fluid lines, fluid reservoirs, connectors, 4WD components and axles, drain plugs, and other engine, transmission and axle components.
The Automotive Body products include door handles and hinges, window lift motors, window regulators, switches and handles, wiper components, lighting, electrical, and other interior and exterior automotive body components.
The Chassis products include brake hardware and hydraulics, wheel and axle hardware, suspension arms, knuckles, links, bushings, and other suspension, steering and brake components.
The Hardware products include threaded bolts, auto body and home fasteners, automotive and home electrical wiring components, and other hardware assortments
Dorman reportedly provides an aftermarket solution for more than 175,000 parts, from the smallest of automotive fixtures and fittings to truck hubs and hybrid batteries.
The range also includes many sub-components to fix common OE faults where the only OE solution is to replace an entire assembly, saving your customers time and money.
Dorman Categories which IM Group can offer the auto aftermarket Trans-Tasman include:
• Outside air temperature sensors
• Oil Coolers
• Hybrid components
• Coolant couplings
• Coolant tubes
• HID lighting controllers
• Intake manifold flapper motors
• Auto transmission thermostat housings
• Radiator hose connectors
• Intake manifold runner controllers
• Third brake lights
• Replacement BMW Jack point pads
• Transmission range sensors
• Suspension headlight levelling sensors
• Dipstick tubes and funnels
IM Group says “check Dorman first” is the mantra with more than 20 different product groups currently in stock ANZ and more becoming available each month. It states the Dorman program provides the work shop with a cost saving alternative to OE and dealer only products.

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