A sustainable Australia-first hybrid and electric vehicle battery circular economy program

Infinitev General Manager, Dickson Leow

IM Group says that in an Australian automotive first, Infinitev has shifted the industry’s take-make-waste approach to hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, replacing it with a service that ensures end-of-life batteries are reused, repurposed, and recycled as part of a sustainable circular economy.
Currently, electric vehicle (EV) batteries will fault after they lose about 20-30 percent of their capacity. Often, this is due to a small number of individual cells bringing down the overall total capacity.
Instead of the whole battery pack going to waste, Infinitev considers opportunities to reuse, repurpose, and recycle them; creating a circular economy for hybrid and electric vehicle batteries which significantly reduces waste.
Infinitev, part of the IM Group, offers three unique service programs to the automotive industry – specifically to original equipment manufacturers and their dealership networks, as well as independent workshops – when it comes to faulty hybrid and electric battery packs.

Hybrid electric vehicle battery remanufacturing (reuse)
To help workshops meet the needs of their hybrid battery customers, IM Group says Infinitev’s hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange project delivers Australia’s first scalable component reuse and resource recovery program of retired battery packs from hybrid electric vehicles.
Until now, a hybrid battery was seen as a single-use part, but Infinitev’s ability to identify and repair battery packs that are faulty, slow to charge, or no longer performing at an effective level, provides these batteries with a second life.

IM Group Executive GM, Gino Ricciuti

Infinitev Battery Energy Storage System (repurpose)
Developed in partnership with Sustainability Victoria, Infinitev’s innovative Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) utilises batteries no longer suited to vehicle applications and repurposes them into an energy storage system.
This plug and play industrial grade energy system provides reliable energy peak shaving, load levelling, and potential off-grid power.

Sustainable end-of-life parts treatment (recycle)
The automotive industry traditionally sources materials from the earth to manufacture hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, eventually disposing of the faulty product as waste.
Infinitev partners with the automotive industry, and other stakeholders, to create a sustainable circular economy for EV batteries. When batteries reach end-of-life, and can’t be reused or repurposed, Infinitev partners with industry recycling programs to recover valuable materials that are used to create new batteries.
“Infinitev is unique in what it offers the automotive industry in the recovery and repair of faulty or end-of-life hybrid and electric batteries,” Infinitev General Manager, Dickson Leow, said.
“Infinitev is the only service provider in the industry that offers a three-pronged program that considers battery reuse, repurpose and recycling opportunities, and the circular economy advantages.
“Infinitev can enhance an organisation’s environmental and sustainability (green) credentials and eliminate waste.”

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