Ryco launches new crankcase filtration range

Ryco Filters says it has extended its already comprehensive filtration range with the release of a contaminant preventing Crankcase program.
Ryco says its talented design team were tasked with the goal of developing a new crankcase filtration system that would set the benchmark for efficiency, life and flow. The result is the innovative RCC350 Crankcase Ventilation System.
“We all know engineers love a good challenge,” Ryco General Manager of Engineering and Innovation, Alastair Hampton, said.
“And we’re extremely proud to say that this new range was designed, engineered and tested in our head-quarters and laboratory facility in Melbourne, Australia.”
Ryco’s new RCC350 crankcase filtration system features a high efficiency filter that presents a low restriction to the engine PCV system and incorporates class leading oil holding capacity suitable for engines up to 350kW producing up to 240 litres per minute of blow-by gas flow.
Designed for ease of fitment, the RCC350 features inlet and outlet ports that can be adjusted in several configurations enabling it to be mounted to almost any vehicle in a variety of locations. The mounting bracket has been designed in two parts to allow the whole unit to be mounted and unmounted quickly, providing for easy inspection and servicing from awkward locations.
In addition, a tap has been incorporated into the sump to allow for easy draining. They say the devil is in the detail and the housing of the RCC350 is sealed securely with screw inserts that prevents the fastening screws falling out and being lost in engine bays. Interchangeable replacement elements RCC150 and RCC200F are also available.
“The benefits of installing a Crankcase system are numerous, they prevent oil and soot contamination entering the clean air intake, are great protection for turbo chargers, regulates crankcase pressure and prevents oil build up in intercoolers and keeps engine components clean,” Alastair said.

Ryco says its continued commitment to onshore research and development has been key to the short timeline from concept to market launch, but it also highlights the value of its ongoing investment into what is already a world class facility.
“3D printed samples were used for early flow testing and to tune the valve operation ensuring the RCC350 would manage crankcase air flow within tight parameters,” Alastair said.
“Following physical flow and pressure testing, we made additional design tweaks to ensure robust operation of the valves.”
The 3D printed samples were also used to gain early internal and external customer feedback validation on the concept and features. Filter media benchmarking was performed in parallel and the specialised coalescing filter media was selected based on test data gained from flat sheet testing.
“We upgraded our lab with new equipment specifically to validate the performance of crankcase filters,” Alastair said.
“We benchmarked efficiency against the international test standard ISO17536. To complete this test our in-house team designed an efficiency rig featuring a specialised oil aerosol emitter that we purchased from Germany to meet the standard.”
Further equipment was added with a test rig designed in-house to validate valve durability, and VIPAC in Port Melbourne was utilised for vibration testing to an OEM automotive schedule ensuring that the crankcase performs in punishing vehicle conditions.
High temperature glass reinforced polymer was selected for overall construction to provide a combination of high strength, durability, temperature resistance and low weight. This material also provides an additional benefit of matching other under bonnet plastics to give a seamless, factory appearance once installed.
“Serious vehicle owners know that a catch can protects their four-wheel investment for the long term. Our exhaustive research and development process has successfully delivered a filtration product that meets customer needs, exceeds expectations and sets a new benchmark for our competitors,” Ryco General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Ross Lamb, said.
Ryco Crankcase Systems and replacement elements are available from all local Ryco stockists.

To find out more, visit or contact Ryco’s customer service team on 1800 804 541.

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