Redarc’s latest version of its Tow-Pro Elite enhances trailer braking performance

Redarc says its Tow-Pro Elite V3 Electric Trailer Brake Controller is an innovative controller with several features not seen in other electric brake controllers on the market.
An electric brake controller is mounted to the tow vehicle’s dashboard area, and engages the trailer’s electrical system – either time delayed or in proportion to the tow vehicle’s brake engagement when slowing down or coming to a halt.
According to Redarc, the Tow-Pro Elite V3 offers a combination of features never before available in the Australian or Global marketplace such as its discreet user interface (remote head), two modes of braking (Proportional and User Controlled/time-based), suitability for 12V and 24V vehicles and operation on both Electric and Electric/hydraulic trailer brakes.
The Tow-Pro Elite V3’s main unit has been designed to be mounted ‘out of the way’, with its design registered user interface (remote head) being the only visible part.
The unique design of the remote head, including the light pipe and the size of the enclosure, played a large role in the depth of install and after consultation with installers Redarc says it identified an opportunity to further improve the design.
The automotive aftermarket needs to install the user interface into dashboards up 7mm thickness and curved dashes such as those found in European vehicles. With a change to the shape, length and depth of the remote head, the Tow-Pro Elite V3 can accommodate these installations. Another opportunity identified was to introduce a single drill installation of the remote head, benefiting installers by allowing a quicker and easier installation.

The Tow-Pro Elite V3 remote head also ensures flexibility for it to be mounted directly to the dashboard or alternatively through a spare knock-out switch panel, an unused area of the dashboard or center console within reach of the driver. The advantage of flexible mounting locations overcomes the intrusion of traditional brake controllers into the driver’s leg space and potential interference with lower leg airbags in newer vehicles.
Redarc says a key enhancement that the Tow-Pro Elite V3 offers is compatibility with electric over hydraulic installations. Redarc explains it found the response of some electric/hydraulic braking systems could be improved to provide an even smoother braking experience and calibration process, stating that this improvement was achieved by redesigning the electrical circuit.
The Tow-Pro Elite V3 has been designed as a standalone trailer brake actuator system enabling it to be compatible with trailer stability control systems (ESC) such as AL-KO and Dexter. The Tow-Pro Elite V3 operates in such a way that it does not affect the operation of stability control systems, allowing the stability control to activate the trailer brakes when needed and not be affected by the external system.

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