Lifesaving eCall devices are now mandatory for all new vehicles in the EU – what about the aftermarket?

The EU’s new car safety mandate, dubbed eCall, requires that every new vehicle sold in Europe is fitted with a compliant car accident alert system.
eCall is a system for automatically connecting the car to emergency services in the event of a serious crash.
Upon detecting a severe impact, roll-over or airbag deployment, the car will establish a call with 000 (112 in the EU or 911 in USA) and alert authorities to the GPS location and other incident details. This means ambulances, fire engines and police can intervene as quickly as possible within the ‘golden hour’ after a collision.
The UN cites that worldwide, 1.25 million people die in road traffic accidents every year, with 50 million injured. By speeding up emergency response times, the European Union expects to save 2,500 lives annually through the introduction of eCall.
Annual cost savings to the community are expected of around €32 billion (~A$48 billion) in accident-related costs across the economy. This is expected to have a similar impact to that of the introduction of seatbelts in the 1960s, explains IMR Technologies.
Based on this data, IMR says similar results are expected in Australia, with the potential to save around 150 lives and A$3.2 billion (across the Australian economy) per year.
In Europe and Australia, IMR Technologies has been developing an aftermarket and OEM solution to meet the requirements of eCall. The IMR Sentinel device has the ability to be retrofitted to any vehicle, including pre-CAN Bus farm machinery or trucks.
For the Australian aftermarket, IMR has been especially focussed on meeting the unique challenges of communicating in remote regions. The Sentinel can transmit via satellite and GSM/GPRS, giving coverage across 99 percent of the Australian landmass, it says.
IMR reports it is currently in discussions with international car manufacturers and aftermarket parts distributors and is in the process of expanding into the UK and Germany to leverage the opportunity created by the eCall mandate and technology.

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