From Schumacher Electric

Schumacher Electric says it is proud to release the INC-100 Battery Charger/Power supply into the Australian market.
The INC-100 is a fully automatic microprocessor controlled battery charger which works with lead-acid, calcium, AGM, start-stop and Gel Cell battery types.
This charger has four separate functions: automatic charging, manual charging, desulphation and power supply.
While operating in the power supply mode, the charger offers an output of 100 amps for three minutes and a continuous current of 70 amps.
This allows the technician to maintain a stable voltage under varying loads that are present during major vehicle ECU reprogramming and diagnostic work, says Schumacher Electric. The voltage can be set in between 13.0 – 14.8 volts.
When in battery charging mode, the charger can be set at four, 20 or 70 amps. The charger features a digital display showing voltage and amps and when using manual charge mode, the charger has a digital timer.

Other key features:
• Microprocessor controlled operation
• Patent-pending “Thermal Runaway” protection and algorithms which allow fast and safe charging
• Heavy duty cables: five meters – two gauge
• Heavy duty clamps with replaceable jaws
• Large robust carry handle
• Ability to permanently mount to a shop hoist – adjustable mounting brackets included for easy installation to most size hoists or benches
• Dual temperature controlled cooling fans
• Durable aluminium case

Since releasing the INC-100, Schumacher Electric says the market feedback and acceptance has been very positive, stating that the consistent message from customers has centred around ease of operation, high output and competitive pricing.

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