Justin Hocevar outlined how INEOS Automotive is doing things differently at AAAE

The concept for INEOS Automotive’s Grenadier was driven off the announcement that Jaguar Land Rover was ceasing production of the LandRover Defender.
The INEOS Grenadier is a rugged and uncompromising off-roader, built from the ground up to meet the most extreme demands of INEOS customers.
It was created to fulfil the vision of adventurer and INEOS Group Chairman, Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Inspired by legendary working off-roaders, the Grenadier will offer no-frills utilitarianism and be a capable, durable and reliable working tool to conquer the world’s harshest environments.
The Grenadier is consciously counter-trend, a vehicle defined by its job description in a world of ever more homogenised SUVs – whether that job is in Kenya or Colorado, or right here on home turf in the Australian outback.
The design of the Grenadier is a clear exercise in ‘function over form,’ with everything designed to reflect the utilitarian functionality of the vehicle. The primary focus of the design is to provide the highest levels of off-road capability, class-leading towing and payload capacity.
The purpose-built Grenadier is expected to appeal to a broad audience across the world, unified by their need for a vehicle that will do a job of work and be capable of tackling the toughest environments.
INEOS Automotive Head of Region – APAC, Justin Hocevar, spoke at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo’s combined APMEC, 4WD Council and PRTC cocktail function, outlining to presentation attendees how INEOS and its Grenadier vehicle are working with the aftermarket in a departure from OE norms.
“The vehicle fulfils the needs of everything from landowners and forestry workers to ski operators and tradespeople, those with dependence on a utilitarian, uncompromised 4×4. On the other end of the scale, the vehicle is used for leisure to tow boats, caravans and the like, through to diehard 4x4ers and overlanders,” Justin said.
“Of course, there will be a range of OE accessories, but we don’t expect to service the vast requirements of all of these customers.
“As such, what we are hoping to do is provide the blank canvas that aftermarket partners can work with to provide ultimate solutions for customers.
“We have already started working through agreements with a few aftermarket companies in Australia and also overseas, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be formal agreements, we are also looking at informal relationships where we can collaborate together.
“We want to put our cards on the table and say, this is what we are doing, and here are maybe some areas that you the aftermarket want to work on, and tell us if there is anything else you want to do.
“And if that means you need access to our production tryout before we release our final production car, let us know and we will do our best.
“If it means working together on a specific customer requirement that you have, let’s do that. We would love to hear from you.”
Another area INEOS is steering away from the norm is in its retailing model.
“INEOS retail partners will be responsible for the display of vehicles, facilitate test drives, support customer deliveries and importantly provide the necessary aftersales care,” Justin said.
“Partners will receive a straight-forward commission from INEOS Automotive which ensures pricing consistency and limits the financial investment of a partner to engage with INEOS Automotive.”
INEOS aims for the majority of customers in Australia and New Zealand to always be within a reasonable distance of an official sales and service location.
The retail partners will form the backbone of the service network in the country, with additional geographical coverage provided by a selection of hand-picked INEOS-accredited Bosch Car Service outlets.

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