From Autotecnica

Autotecnica has designed and created a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) inflatable hail cover, known as the Armour Protection Hail Cover.
Designed to protect vehicles from being damaged by hailstones, the cover protects the bonnet, guards, roof, boot and windows.
The hybrid material is a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone, which makes for a very dense and smooth material that slides over a car without attracting lint and dust.
The durable and long-lasting material with high elasticity and tear resistance is ideal for creating an inflatable cover, says Autotecnica, which states the fabric ensures the cover will not scratch your vehicle’s surface when fitting and removing.
Sizes are available to suit most sedans – small to large – as well as SUVs and most 4WDs.
The cover is supplied with a rechargeable 12 volt electric air pump and repair kit.
When using, it is best practice to apply the hail cover to a clean, dry and cool vehicle. You should also ensure the security straps are not pulled across the vehicle as being hard PVC, those could scratch the vehicle’s body.
Autotecnica notes that this cover has been purposely made to protect from an imminent hail event and is not recommended to be used as a permanent car cover, as extended usage of the cover without removal from the vehicle can cause damage to the special TPU material.
If used according to supplied instructions, the Armour Protection Hail Cover is covered by a
12-month warranty.

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