The CoolDrive Auto Parts line-up of Performance products has expanded

CoolDrive Auto Parts officially acquired Injectors Online on January 1st.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says that Injectors Online is an Australian company with a global reputation as innovators in performance fuel injectors. 
With an outstanding reputation throughout the industry for quality, Injectors Online’s Xspurt Injectors product range has recently been joined by the ‘exact match’ XS Injectors offering, which provides high-end tuners with world-leading technology. 
Containing specialist lines for performance applications from Ford, Holden, HSV, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Dodge, Injectors Online not only offers top of the line injectors, but also associated components such as fuel pumps, extensions, connectors and more. 
“It is an exciting time; Injectors Online, Xspurt and XS are the perfect fit with the CoolDrive range of products, with this move seeing our performance injectors taken to a whole new level,” Injectors Online Co-Founder, Simon Richards, said. 
“Since 2004, we have been dedicated to supplying the trade with the very best quality injectors, with an emphasis on driving innovation, all while providing excellent customer service. 
“By coming under the wing of CoolDrive Auto Parts, we can expose the products to a much wider audience, while benefiting from the combined experience of a market leader in the performance field.”
CoolDrive Auto Parts says the XS Injectors offering is a game-changer for performance tuners who seek precision. 
While typically allowable performance tolerances can be up to nine percent, XS Injectors are reportedly able to offer unparalleled matching, with tolerances within one percent on flow rate and two percent on dead times. 
This has been achieved by each injector having over 6,500 flow points recorded to create a complete flow profile. 
A highlight of the XS Injectors range is the EXACT MATCH data for each set of injectors, which vastly reduces final tuning time, with both flow rate and dead time performance equalised, with each set coming complete with bespoke downloadable data files for all popular tuning software platforms.
Another world first for the range is that the products are backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. 
While the highly experienced Injectors Online staff will remain with the company, its base will relocate to CoolDrive’s Box Hill headquarters, which will assist in the streamlining of the brand’s future growth throughout the region. 
The range of Injectors Online products, Xspurt and XS Injectors will be available for purchase at CoolDrive Auto Parts branches. 

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