Injectronics says it is now poised to offer even better service to its customers in Western Australia

Injectronics, a leading repairer of electronic and mechatronic components for the automotive aftermarket, has recently announced the opening of a new facility in Perth, Western Australia.
This expansion marks another exciting chapter for the company, which has been serving the automotive industry for over 40 years.
The new Perth facility is located in the suburb of Welshpool, just a short drive from the city center.
The location, selected for its accessibility and proximity to major roads, makes it easy for customers to drop off and pick up their electronic components for repair.
The facility is also equipped with the latest tools and equipment, ensuring that repairs are completed quickly and efficiently.
One of the key benefits of the new Perth location is that it will allow Injectronics to better serve customers in Western Australia.
Previously, customers in this region had to ship their electronic components to Injectronics’ other facilities around Australia, which could be costly and time-consuming.
With the new Perth facility, customers can now enjoy faster turnaround times and lower shipping costs.
Injectronics says the opening of the new facility is a testament to its commitment to its customers and its dedication to expanding its reach across Australia.
“Having a local facility in Perth means we can develop our capabilities and give customers faster turnaround times,” Injectronics General Manager, Gino Riccuti, said.
“We’re looking forward to further growing our relationship with the automotive aftermarket industry in the West.”
Injectronics’ experienced technicians can test and overhaul a range of electronic and mechatronic components, including ABS modules, air flow and air mass metres, audio and navigation systems, body control modules, electronic throttle bodies, electronic steering locks and switches, engines, gear selector modules (electronic), HVAC climate controls, ignition modules, instrument clusters, immobilisers, throttle bodies, transmission control modules, powertrain control modules, heavy duty and industrial modules and hybrid and other ancillary control modules.
Injectronics says it is proudly ISO certified in quality management systems (ISO 9001:2015) – a body that develops international standards. It says this reflects its commitment to the top-tier quality of its products and services.
Injectronics’ team of technical advisors can provide a range of support services. It states that its technical support help line as well as live chat functionality, gives customers access to technical information, tips and accurate diagnostics advice.
Injectronics’ new facility is located at 223 Bank Street, Welshpool, Perth, WA 6106.

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