Clutch Industries is seeking to make a difference for workshops struggling with part availability problems

Clutch Industries says its research and development division has a future thinking philosophy which has been proactively approaching the challenge of how to ensure workshops have immediate access to the parts they need in the complex and significant category of clutch.
In 2018, a dedicated engineering team at Clutch Industries embarked on a project to decrease clutch SKU complexity, reduce installation time for mechanics and also enhance performance and quality compared with typical OEM clutches.
Clutch Industries says that what was created is a clutch system that replaces thousands of different clutch kits with 20 products. The system is called UniClutch.
UniClutch works by taking the fitment complexity out of the clutch and consolidating the mechanical interfaces into a fitment kit, which contains its patented multi fit flywheel mount and patented interchangeable splines.
This system allows the sealed pre-assembled clutch to be adapted to various makes and models where traditionally a different clutch would be required for each vehicle.
Clutch Industries General Manager of Sales, Justin Batten, says the clutch system has been in beta testing all through 2022 with the system being fitted to over 50 vehicles in that time.
“We’ve been focusing testing on the enthusiast market which has meant we’re not only testing on different vehicles but also testing with different drivers and environments from tuned street machines to off-road beasts,” Justin said.
With the development and testing stages of the project now complete, Clutch Industries has started production of the system in its Melbourne manufacturing facility.
“In preparation to manufacture the UniClutch inhouse, our Melbourne facility has had a massive upgrade which included the commissioning of a fully autonomous production line. In addition to the autonomous production line, we have commissioned a quality control system which is revolutionary in the industry,” Justin said.
“Every clutch is tested for clamp, bearing load, lift, release, finger evenness and finger height. All this information is saved to our server and a unique QR code is engraved on each clutch which allows the purchaser to access the specific test results for their clutch.
“In all we’ve spent over one million dollars modernising our Melbourne manufacturing facility, ensuring that we can efficiently produce the UniClutch inhouse.”
The UniClutch will be officially launched in mid-2023 and will be available through NAPA and Repco Auto Parts.

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