All new patent pending spring terminal system from Trailer Vision

The age-old problem of trailer connector pins closing up and not making good electrical connection is a common cause of malfunctioning trailer lighting or braking circuits, which is bad news for safety.
Trailer Vision says the good news is that after a few years of design and development, it has just released an all new patent pending spring terminal system (STS) which it says will ensure a solid and reliable electrical connection of the connector pins.
Using specially designed spring pins for plugs and sockets, the pin contacts are kept securely tensioned at all times, eliminating pin close up and giving the best connection possible.
Trailer Vision says just by inserting these all new connectors together you can feel just how good, sound and safe the connection is, stating that it is like wearing a seat belt for the first time.
The new STS connectors are available in seven pin flat plug and seven pin flat sockets (PN TV7FP, TV7FS) and will work with any existing trailer connectors of the same type. Trailer Vision states these will soon be followed by an entire STS trailer connector range.
Expanding on the “ever increasing and innovative line up,” Trailer Vision says it will be soon releasing its Duo range of trailer/Anderson style combination connectors.
These all-new all-in-one dual connectors reportedly provide fast fitting, LED indicators and easy mounting solutions for applications where trailer connectors and Anderson style connectors are required, such as dual battery tow bar installations.
The Duo range has been specially designed to use Trailer Vision’s popular patented connector cover interlocking technology which allows for any Trailer Vision mating Anderson style connector cover to lock with the Duo connector range, providing a safe and secure connection.
The new Duo range has a removeable Anderson style connector, allowing the use of any brand including Genuine Anderson connectors.
Trailer Vision says these combined features are a first in the market for connectors of this type, stating that the compact over/under model in either seven Pin or 12 Pin (TV146665-7, TV146665-12) is perfect for tight fitting applications.
The Duo side by side version will also come in seven or 12 pin flat configurations (TV14569-7, TV14569-12) and cater for applications that require a slimline fit.

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