NAPA Auto Parts is proud to carry Australia’s range of Red Dot climate control units

As the temperature heats up, NAPA Auto Parts says there is no better time to expand your air conditioning parts and workshop equipment with the latest products from the world’s leading brands in its portfolio, including Red Dot.
In 2019, Red Dot proudly awarded Master Distributor Status to GPC Asia Pacific, meaning NAPA Auto Parts is the first port of call for quality Red Dot units in Australia.
NAPA Auto Parts says Red Dot’s range of climate control units for transport and heavy machinery is second to none.
With units developed for trucking, agriculture, industrial and construction applications, each Red Dot cabin cooling solution is built to last in our rugged and demanding environment.
NAPA Auto Parts Senior Product Manager, Tim Boyd, says it is important to select the right Red Dot unit for your application to ensure you get the performance you need from your air conditioning system.
“Whether it is a self-contained rooftop unit, a ceiling mount evaporator, one that sits between the seats or elsewhere in the cab, it is vital to pair the selected evaporator with the optimum condenser based on capacity, style and available mounting space,” Tim said.
For cabs with a lot of glass or cabs not suited for roof mounted units, ceiling mount units are all about offering maximum performance utilising minimal space; match them to a remote mount condenser unit to ensure they perform to your requirements.
Wall mounted units can be positioned between seats or anywhere alongside the operator and range from compact designs for smaller cabs to larger unit designs for cabs that require plenty of cooling.
Remote condenser units, installed away from the cabin, are commonly used in agricultural and off-road applications and should be matched with the applicable evaporator. Remote condenser units are typically mounted on the roof however, many units can be mounted behind the cab, on engine covers or frame rails.
NAPA Auto Parts says you can be assured that Red Dot has the right combination of units available for your vehicle, no matter the voltage or whether it’s designed for off- or on-highway applications.

For more information about Red Dot products, see the team at your local NAPA Auto Parts – visit for a full list of locations.