As part of the AAAA Awards, GPC Asia Pacific was awarded as having the Most Innovative Employee Engagement Program

The Innovative Employee Engagement Program Award seeks to recognise innovation in regard to the engagement of employees by companies.
Those seeking to enter were invited to submit entries describing projects which enhanced engagement with employees for improved participation in the workplace; were new approaches for finding good employees and keeping them; supported recruitment of new employees by embracing diversity in recruitment and seeking those not traditionally engaged with our sector; or which improved retention rates of employees by valuing employee input and rewarding loyalty.
A number of entries were received for consideration by the judging panel, but ultimately it was GPC Asia Pacific which took out the prize for its ‘Make it Safe, Make it Home’ program.
The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association sends its congratulations to GPC Asia Pacific and also to entrants AECAA Pty Ltd (trading as Automotive Electrical and 4WD Accessories), Gates Australia and Ryco Filters for their submissions.

GPC Asia Pacific: Make it Safe, Make it Home
“Make it Safe, Make it Home” is not only the name of GPC Asia Pacific’s safety program and the philosophy which underpins and guides its focus, but it is also what its team members will say if you ask them why safety is so important.
“Since the inception of the ‘Make It Safe, Make It Home’ program, GPC has seen a continuous improvement in general safety results each year,” GPC Asia Pacific Workplace Health and Safety Manager, Michael Sadler, said.
“The number of serious injuries has declined by more than 10 percent annually for the past five years running.
“The great results we have experienced have not come easily, and we recognise that managing our highest risks of injury is a continuous pursuit. As such, our safety culture has evolved subtly over these past few years and we now find ourselves in a position where we are implementing some fantastic proactive programs and measures to prevent injuries and improve safety standards in the workplace.
“One of our GPC business units, Repco Australia, has made significant in-roads in this area by developing some really innovative safety projects.”
At Repco, it starts with the parts. Michael explains this means continuously pushing to ensure customers get the automotive parts they need as soon as possible. To help achieve this, Repco have a fleet of over 1000 delivery vehicles on the road every day.
“This means a lot of our team members are driving a vehicle day in, day out. We know that one of the biggest risks of serious injury to our team members is being involved in a vehicle accident. We want to create the safest workplace we possibly can and this includes driving a vehicle,” Michael said.
“To achieve this end, Repco wanted to create a program which would capture the hearts and minds of our 3000+ people to inspire safer driver behaviours. It was not only imperative to ensure our team members were going to be highly engaged in this program, but also to create something which would involve participation from everyone across our vast network of over 320 stores.
“Feedback about driver safety was collected from many different team members across all levels of the business, from senior management down to team members working on the shop floor. Information used to build this program also came from injury/incident report findings and key learnings, engagement surveys, motor vehicle insurance reports, incident trend data and telematics program analytics. Armed with all of this rich data and feedback, Repco created the ‘Tread Carefully’ program.”

Tread Carefully is a program which encourages safe driver behaviours. Made up of a series of initiatives, this program aims to reduce motor vehicle accidents and the resulting injuries to team members and the general public. Program initiatives are many and varied – all of which were suggested by people across the GPC Asia Pacific business.
“Launched in early 2017, the Tread Carefully program exceeded all expectations of success. In the 12 months post-program launch, we saw average ‘At Fault’ motor vehicle accidents per month reduced by 50 percent, a 32 percent reduction in total Motor Vehicle Accidents versus prior year and a 20 percent decrease in Motor Vehicle Accident claims costs Year on Year.
“We also saw a decline in not-at-fault motor vehicle accidents. Through our new driver training, our drivers recognise that with an increased awareness of the situation, they can avoid some of these not-at-fault accidents caused by other drivers.
“These results are extremely encouraging considering our fleet size has remained relatively stable over that time period. The entire program has cost less than $10K to develop so the return on investment is exceptional.
“This outcome is even more outstanding given there is only one safety resource in the Repco business and success of the safety program depends entirely on the support and engagement it receives from the zone, area and store management teams. They bring the program to life and certainly see the importance of the Tread Carefully initiatives.”

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