With new automation technology from Real Innovation Group AU (RIGA)

Instant Windscreens and Tinting’s mobile workforce has taken to the road with brand new industry technology that reportedly transforms the way customer service is delivered.
Instant Windscreens and Tinting says it is Australasia’s largest independent fitting business and explains it was determined to remove its reliance on paper-based processes and operate with the lightest possible administrative workload.
Its technology shopping list included the requirement to automate client communications, manage warranties, simplify OSH compliance, and support mobile fitters by finding the fastest routes to and between jobs.
RIGA JourneyPRO, an automated job management and tracking platform from local managed services partner, Real Innovation Group AU (RIGA), ticked all Instant Windscreens’ boxes and was implemented in 2019.
RIGA JourneyPRO immediately improved the Instant Windscreens’ customer experience with its automated real-time alerts.
“Multiple customers say that they love getting the SMS and being able to click on a link and see that their fitter is on the way. They think it’s an excellent experience,” Instant Windscreens Call Centre and Communication Manager, Jolene Blair, said.
“People go ‘wow, that’s different, that’s something we have never had before’.”
And customers are not the only ones being wowed.
“JourneyPRO is a ‘first-in-our-industry’ technology that improves our customer service offering and claims back approximately 2,000 hours monthly in route scheduling for our branch management teams,” Instant Windscreens General Manager, Ruan Honiball, said.
RIGA JourneyPRO manages all Instant Windscreens’ jobs in one place. Mobile unit call outs are allocated using a simple drag-and-drop action.
Jobs, insurance, warranties, inspection photos and customer documentation are stored in one easy-to-access digital repository. Every Instant Windscreens’ fitter has a Samsung tablet linked to Journey’s built-in route and service grouping capabilities.
RIGA says JourneyPRO also helps clients to understand their warranty coverage, which has made a huge difference, Jolene reports.
“Because the fitter now has those details at hand, they can make customers more aware of what they’re entitled to,” Jolene said.
“We also take photos of the vehicle before we work on it, and often find that customers weren’t aware of existing damage on other parts of the car. It protects us and reinforces to the customer that we have thorough processes.”
With the field service experience nailed, RIGA recently rolled out Instant Windscreens’ new instore module.
“We are very excited. It provides our customers with a seamless experience whether they come into one of our branches or use our mobile service, with features like automated SMS notifications when the vehicle is ready,” Jolene said.
Jolene acknowledges that other big players in their industry are adopting similar platforms, and says it is essential Instant Windscreens stays ahead of the game and remains competitive.
“JourneyPRO has been a great differentiator for us, particularly with our larger customers. We’ve had very positive feedback from customers when we step them through the capabilities we have now, thanks to JourneyPRO,” Jolene said.
“For a business like ours, where we want to stay at the forefront of technology, we are always looking at ways to do thing better. One of the best things about working with RIGA is they help us do just that.”

RIGA JourneyPRO key features:
• Automated job management and tracking
• End-to-end job management
• Forecasted vs actual job costs
• Automated reporting, fully customisable
• Easy drag-and-drop job allocation
• Job check-in and check-out
• Optimised routing to save fuel and time
• Ability to manage multiple scenarios on one job
• Minimised paper handling with customer-linked document storage
• OHS compliance, with onscreen equipment specific forms

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