From ARB

ARB says it has been a staple in the lighting game for many years as the first manufacturer of round off-road LED driving lights, and states its latest iteration of driving light is no exception to its proven track record.
The ARB Intensity Solis light is a nine-inch driving light with 36 OSRAM LEDs, giving you plenty of light for the road ahead.
With in-house engineers concentrating on refining the optics to focus the most amount of light while removing flat spots and controlling the beam to the right area, the Solis lights are made and tested for the variable Australian terrain.
ARB says the light output has been measured at one lux at 1,462 metres (two x spot lights) to NATA industry standards.
The Solis lights feature a unique digital dimmer control that allows the user to incrementally adjust brightness to suit driving conditions.
For users of LINX, the Solis lights can be fully integrated with an optional controller harness to be released in late September.
The Solis lights feature an improved colour temperature of light, which reduces eye strain and fatigue when doing long distance driving.
The light also has a die-cast aluminium body that acts as a heat sink and allows the dissipation of heat to keep the lights running at maximum performance.
ARB says the famous red ring of the ARB Intensity lights has become intrinsically linked with driving lights over the years and while the Solis lights share a level of design with the Intensity V2 lights, Solis features two bezels on the sides of the light that are interchangeable between red and black, both of which come standard with the light.
ARB Intensity Solis driving lights come in spot and flood variants and are $349 each. They are available in store now.

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