A “super safe” rust remover

CRC Industries has expanded its range of heavy-duty corrosion protection products with the addition of a powerful, effective and “super safe” rust remover, EVAPO-RUST.
CRC’s EVAPO-RUST has been specifically designed to remove the toughest rust while being safe on the user.
The powerful formula is non-toxic, non-scrubbing and reusable.
“At CRC, we are always looking at developing and acquiring innovative products to help our customers do their job easier and safer. I am pleased to say that EVAPO-RUST meets these criteria,” CRC Managing Director, Murray Walbran, said.
CRC explains it acquired the world leading rust remover brand globally in April 2021 as a synergistic fit to its existing corrosion protection category.
It also builds on the company’s commitment to deliver eco-friendly solutions for rust treatment and corrosion prevention.
Now made locally, EVAPO-RUST’s super safe formula is solvent free, non-flammable, contains no VOCs and emits no fumes or bad odours.
EVAPO-RUST effectively removes rust but will not harm un-rusted steel or other metals. It is also safe on plastic, PVC, Viton and non-oxide-based paints.
“Another compelling feature is that EVAPO-RUST is reusable, making it a cost-effective rust remover. It can be used over and again until it stops working,” Murray said.
Available in a one litre and five litre bottles, the award-winning solution is simple to use, without the need for mixing; simply decant the product and soak the rusty parts.
Applications for EVAPO-RUST include rusty tools, hardware, automotive parts, household items and antiques.
“EVAPO-RUST boosts CRC’s position as a global market leader in corrosion protection products for the automotive, industrial and DIY market segments,” Murray said. “It strengthens our commitment to offer innovative products that protect, preserve, and maintain our customers’ assets with safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solutions.”
EVAPO-RUST has been awarded the Outstanding New Technology Award in Industrial Cleaning by CleanTech magazine, and was the Winner of the R&D 100 award for Cleaning Technology and the Popular Mechanic Editors’ Choice Award.
CRC is a recognised supplier of professional quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, cleaners, anti-corrosion and maintenance and repair operation products.

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