The legacy of Cruisemaster was built on engineering, proven in the real-world, it says

Cruisemaster (formerly Vehicle Components) has recently gone through an extensive brand overhaul, as it recognised the name and logo of its previous identity was well respected in the industry but no longer reflected the innovative market leader it had become over the past 40 years.

So who is Cruisemaster?
Most will identify Cruisemaster with its premium off-road caravan and camper trailer independent arm suspension systems; this is after all where the Cruisemaster name was born, those behind the brand say.
The Cruisemaster range of independent arm suspension systems are said to be iconic in the market, with the XT model reportedly being largely responsible for the emergence of independent arm suspension as the preferred choice for all-terrain application.
Since the first XT suspension rolled off the production lines in 2005, Cruisemaster says its continuous improvement philosophy has led to an extended range of Cruisemaster suspensions covering a range of applications which now includes:
• XT – The original off road independent arm suspension system
• ATX – Australian premium all-terrain independent arm suspension system
• CRS – The innovative semi off road independent arm suspension system
• GT – The most recent addition, light weight grand tourer independent arm suspension system
While caravan and camper trailer suspensions are undeniably the cornerstone of the Cruisemaster legacy, the DO35, a product created out of necessity, has been creating the most buzz over the last year.
The DO35 (Drop-On All-Terrain 3.5T Coupling), now in its third generation, has quickly become the preferred option for both the off-road adventurer and safety conscious travelers alike, says Cruisemaster.
So, 40 years into a continuing legacy, Cruisemaster says it finds itself here at this pivotal point in its story.
“The Koala has fallen from it’s branch and in it’s place you find a mighty stag,” Cruisemaster Marketing Executive, Nathan Smith, said.
“A new icon for the industry, the stag was taken from the Goddard family crest; a representation of the strength of the Goddard name, the family who had driven Cruisemaster’s success for three generations and who’s engineering blood line dates back to the development of the initial Land Rover.
“The title has been claimed as Australia’s leader in all-terrain towing technology; so what’s next for Cruisemaster?
“Whatever it is you can be assured they will continue to lead this industry with strength and innovation; their products will continue to be engineered, tested and supported without limits.”

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