A new electro-hydraulic two-post lift from Autopstenhoj

Lift specialist Autopstenhoj says that with the new Magnat 55 it has succeeded in bringing another real all-rounder to the starting line.
Adding the lift to its product portfolio has also closed the gap in the field of its hydraulic two-post lifts with a capacity of 5.5 t.
The company says this lift gives optimum access to the vehicle, whether it is a small passenger car or a big transporter, while the low drive-through width of 2,900mm allows the cars to be lifted rapidly and minimises unnecessary shunting. In addition, the extra flat design of the arms ensures a low minimum height.
The lift is equipped with a high quality pump unit for smooth motor running and quiet, pleasant operation.
Autopstenhoj says its proven mechanic synchronisation device guarantees safe lifting, as does its electrically operated safety rachet system which does not require expensive compressed air.

The portal height can be altered to + 250mm. The standard contact strip of the traverse works as a safety device for the lifting of tall cars.
If the contact strip is activated during lifting, this safety device stops the process, so that the car does not get damaged at all. The alarm signal of the pushbutton control unit is another contribution to industrial safety.
Designed for different voltages, Autopstenhoj says its lift can be used flexibly and its large program of extra pads is also compatible.

Benefits and features:
• Double telescopic front and rear flat arms
• Automatic arm locking system
• Low minimum height
• Suitable for passenger cars up to big vans and transporters
• Adjustable end stop and upper protection bar
• Electrical safety ratchet system, no expensive compressed air required

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