INTRODUCING MILFORD.ONE is just one a number of innovations to be unveiled by Milford at the AAA Expo

In preparation for a number of significant new releases and the unveiling of a whole new product platform which it says will set the Towing world alight at this year’s Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, Milford has issued an early statement with the launch of its revolutionary new domain and E-Commerce trading platform:
Recognised as a high technology, feature laden E-Commerce trading platform for all users, Milford says the domain will pioneer a range of contemporary and futuristic online services and will be seen as a substantial step forward within our industry.
Designed as a portal tool for both committed trading partners and end users, the new website offers a raft of features to make ordering parts quick and convenient.
Powered by PARts DB, utilises TecDoc and other global standards to link product fitment data.
This integration allows customers to use new search tools like ‘search by rego’ and ‘search by VIN’ and to select parts with confidence, says Milford.
These advanced search tools employ a rego to vehicle translation service pulling vehicle registration data from Austroads and NEVIDS for all participating states.
The system then applies logic to establish exactly which parts from Milford’s catalogue will fit the vehicle, taking out any of the guesswork for customers.
In addition to these powerful search functions, the platform utilises intuitive navigation tools and filters to refine search results.
Devoted product pages complete with detailed product information, notes and descriptions along with superior visuals and graphics ensure information is presented in an easy to understand format.
This is further enhanced with video content including general information, features, benefits and How-To videos for each product category.
Increased multi-functional social media platform integration allows useful and valuable to be shared with ease, or saved for future reference.

For more information, call 1800 MILFORD.

Milford encourages you to make its stand (C50) a destination at this year’s AAA Expo.