An open data standard for selling online

The increasing average age of vehicles, the booming number of do-it-yourself customers, and the convenience of purchasing parts online have driven strong growth in the e-commerce automotive aftermarket in the post-Covid era.
Partly says the global e-commerce automotive aftermarket is anticipated to grow a staggering 15 percent per year and notes that consumer purchasing preferences are also projected to rapidly migrate from the traditional brick-and-mortar model to buying online.
It says this is creating untapped opportunities for auto parts manufacturers, distributors and retailers to expand to e-commerce; allowing sellers to not only own the relationship with their buyers but also create a desirable purchase experience.
However, managing vehicle compatibility (or fitment data) and integrating this data with e-commerce platforms can be extremely difficult due to the data complexity and required updates. Displaying this data in an intuitive system for the average consumer is another story entirely.
In addition, cross-referencing aftermarket parts with interchangeable OEM equivalent parts can also be a strenuous process, despite being critical. These challenges, combined with the limited technical know-how, are preventing many businesses throughout the auto parts supply chain from expanding online, in spite of the attractive opportunity presented.
Partly explains that it is an auto data technology company that solves many of these problems through a new open global data standard, regionalised for each country, including Australia.
The company provides a tool called PartsPal which allow users to manage all parts data and catalogues in one place.
Through any subscription with Partly, users will have access to Partly’s databases which have over 20 million aftermarket parts and 25 million OEM parts, covering multiple brands.
Web developers and agencies can also use the Partly API to query fitment data and part information for their own custom development.
With these solutions, part sellers can have a centralised tool to manage catalogues and publish products to their own website and marketplaces like eBay.
Users can get fitment data automatically from the Partly databases, or add their own fitment data. The software also allows cross-referencing aftermarket parts with equivalent OEMs, allowing sellers access to high-quality data.
This solution aims to enable sellers to build their online channels at a fraction of the cost of custom-built solutions. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from smaller distributors to manufacturers.

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