The only available 4WD protection system that is rated for highway use

In 2016 Australia saw the release of an innovative new idea for 4WD enthusiasts: Rhinohide.
When Rhinohide was launched, it offered a robust 4WD paint protection system that allowed users to venture down the tightest of tracks and explore the most challenging conditions before emerging with their paintwork unscathed.
The Rhinohide product got national coverage with its debut on Australia’s Shark Tank and piqued the interest of not one, but three of the ‘sharks,’ resulting in Rhinohide Founder, Marc Berryman, taking investment from Dr Glen Richards and Andrew Banks.
The small Australian company’s initial concept used magnets to hold the custom moulded high impact ABS panels to the vehicle.
The magnetic system, whilst capable, did have some limitations – in particular, it could not be used on the highway and also required routine maintenance and cleaning.
Because of this, in 2020 under the restraint of the COVID-19 lockdown, the Rhinohide product development team went back to the drawing board to overcome these issues.
The team spent almost 12 months undertaking extensive research and development to redesign the system from the ground up.
“The new Rhinohide product is the clear leader in removable 4WD protection systems and the only available system that is rated for Highway (speeds of up to 130km/hr) as well as off-road use,” Rhinohide Founder, Marc Berryman, said.
“It is also the only system which allows paintwork to breathe and avoid chaffing from the system itself thanks to a unique air gap between the panel and the paint surface.
“The panels are the clear class leader in attachment technology, with their new Armor-Lock Attachment providing impact absorption through a patent pending ‘shock absorber’ built into the mechanism.
“The system is also the only detachable panel protection system to have a security fastener with tamper-proof key to give peace of mind against it being stolen when parked in carparks, something no other magnet system can compete with.
“It really is the world’s toughest panel protection system.”

To learn more about the Rhinohide Armor system, see here in the AAAA’s annual 4WD special, or visit