A new powerful powder floor degreaser cleaner

Scrubbing the grease off floors is a tiresome task, and one that requires a good-quality cleaner. With lots of degreasers on the market, and with 99 percent of them being a liquid base and a lot of them caustic, Euca says it has been working long and hard to make an economical and ecological alternative that will save you money.
Sometimes, no matter how much degreaser you use, the grease just refuses to lift off your workshop floor or walls.
There are a few reasons this may be happening, but most likely, your liquid cleaning product is just not strong enough being diluted, or has a surfactant added making it foam and slippery but not helping you clean.
Sprinkle is a powder floor-degreaser which is designed to safely clean and remove grease from floors and walls without the negative effect of chemical-based products.
It is made to be used through triple interceptor oil and grease removal systems and Euca says it will bring the worst floor back to near new clean concrete.
Finding a cleaning product that doesn’t contain chemicals and toxins can be tricky thanks to the scientific jargon of labels, says Euca, but everyone knows what fruit is and we all understand what citric acid and orange-peel oil is – which is exactly what Sprinkle is manufactured with.
The outside matters too, says Euca, stating that when countless bottles of single-use plastics are thrown away each day, it is important to know that one box of Sprinkle powder is equivalent to 10 plastic bottles of liquid cleaner.
Sprinkle is available in new non-plastic 4kg and 8kg Eco boxes constructed of cardboard with a corn starch liner bag which will break down in soil or compost. You can either use your current Euca plastic tub to refill or use your own container.
The product is non-caustic and will not corrode the surfaces you use it on. It is also safe on skin and won’t cause burns or damage to your work wear.
It is also designed to leave a totally non-slip surface, as safety is of the utmost importance when cleaning floors – not only to eliminate the risk of falling or sliding along the surface while cleaning, but to also remove the common issue of still slippery surfaces caused by liquid caustic degreasers that can leave floors with a film on the surface, making them slightly slippery.

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