The range from LED Autolamps is said to be distinctive in design, with unparalleled quality

LED Autolamps says the design choices made for the now available 385X range have given rise to a new generation of lighting for vehicle and trailer applications.
“We had a great opportunity during the issues experienced in 2020 and 2021 to rethink our lighting design and create a revolution in product choices offered, something our customers have continually demanded from us over the years,” LED Autolamps National Sales Manager Ashley Piper, said.
LED Autolamps says this new benchmark for style and design will have your customer’s vehicle and trailer looking amazing and more importantly, make them shine brighter than everyone else.
These lamps include specially designed integrated circuitry with the latest LED lighting technology and quality second to none. 
LED Autolamps says it won’t matter if you have a 4×4 tray truck, a caravan, or a semi-trailer; there is an option that will suit your needs. The following eight designs are on offer within the platform:

  1. 385 Series – the initial concept is a sleek, clear lens chrome design, incorporating a sequential indicator framed by the diffused tail and utilising a semi-circled Stop or Reverse four lamp segments with a pillow lens pattern. Offered in Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reverse and Stop/Tail/Indicator options.
  2. 3851 Series – the 3851 is based around the original Maxilamp and has a black chrome with a clear lens and a balanced Stop/Reverse/Indicator and reflector placement; all of which are individually circled with the taillight functions.
  3. 3852 Series – a bright chrome reflector with clean lines and a simple three-segment layout surrounded by a red diffused taillight. Effective use of LED reflector cups gives this unimposing lamp a subtle aggressiveness when in active mode. Available in a Stop/Tail/Indicator and Reverse function.
  4. 3853 Series – bright red chrome is used with a horizontal array of LED reflectors incorporating a discrete top-mounted dynamic sequential indicator, all surrounded by the distinctive outer diffused tail that blends into the red chrome background when inactive. All this creates the effect of a sleek, fast look with an aggressive subliminal feel, especially when activated. Available in a Stop/Tail/Indicator and Reverse function.
  5. 3854 Series – made available in three styles, with a centrally positioned dynamic sequential indicator and outer diffused tail function. The design uses a three-dimensional inner reflector to create a sense of depth and dimension. The Stop and Reverse lens sections split by the sequential indicator incorporate a pillow pattern effect for enhanced light output. The three styles are:
    a) Black chrome with tinted lens and grey diffused tail lamp that amazingly lights up red;
    b) Bright chrome with clear lens and red diffused tail that lights up red. Both designs offer stop/tail/indicator/reverse functions as standard; and
    c) Bright chrome with a red lens and red diffused tail lamp, this version being a stop/tail/indicator without reverse function.
  6. 3855 Series – initially inspired by Melbourne’s trams, this design offers a black chrome clear lens and grey/white diffused taillight, which lights up red. The simple horizontal lighting array, although unassuming, lights up brilliantly when active. Available in a Stop/Tail/Indicator and Reverse function.
  7. 3856 Series – again, using three-dimensional design techniques and incorporating a dark chrome effect, clear lens, grey or red diffused taillight makes for a sleek, aggressive tone. All this and coupled with a striking angled light-up array backed with a propeller plate inner reflector means you get the bold, tough 4×4 trade look popular in today’s market. Offered in Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reverse and Stop/Tail/Indicator options.
  8. 3857 Series – this design, being later conceived, features a bright chrome and clear lens, slick arrow-shaped diffused tail light functions, and matching inbuilt reflex reflectors with a striking horizontal array. This modern, sleek design incorporated ideas from the new 595 jumbo series and shows just how far this format can take lighting design.

“Making the lamp a standardised size of 387mm x 105mm x 30.5mm matched to a specially designed surface mounted plate allows the lamp to clip securely in place. This not only hides
all signs of screws for a neat, clean finish but benefits caravan, trailer, and tray fitters thanks to the ease of fitting for different requirements,” Ashley said.
“As well as exceeding the required standards with rigorous ADR or ECE approvals, these lamps will not only enhance and make your application shine but also ensure your vehicle/trailer is road legal and compliant in all states of Australia.”
A 9-32 Voltage range provides coverage across 12/24V applications and low operational current draw, making them perfect for battery systems, says LED Autolamps.
“LED Autolamps, as always, produces products designed and manufactured to last. These lamps are extremely tough constructed using UV resistant high impact plastics and are sealed and tested to IP67 standards,” Ashley said.
“Vibration and impact resistance with no moving parts ensures these lights are made fit for purpose and up to any challenge in Australia’s harshest road environments.”
LED Autolamps explains its entire operation is certified to ISO9001:2015, the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard. Its main production facility is certified to IATF16949:2016 standards, which it states is your guarantee of conformity of production, exceptional service technical expertise, and dedicated after-sales care.
The new range is available in bulk with a CSB plug suiting LEDs harness system or twin retail blister packs with a handy function simulator button included, so your customers can see a sample of the dynamic functionality offered.
“This is an excellent sales feature and perfect for the aftermarket parts resellers,” Ashley said.
“Distinctive in design and with unparalleled quality, the new 385 Series of Range Rear Combination lamps comes standard with a solid five-year warranty.
“If you want to provide your customers something different that will give you the wow factor you are after, check out our website and type 385X into the search bar to see the entire range available.
“Better still, come and see the whole range on display at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo at Stand G10.”

For more information, visit or call 03 9466 7075.