Those behind the German-made product say it could be the most advanced throttle controller in the world

Throttle controllers have been on the market for quite some time and are well-known amongst not only car enthusiasts, but by every car owner who demands instant response from their vehicle – especially at busy intersections, roundabouts and when completing overtaking manoeuvres on the open road.
The IOPEDAL has been designed from the ground up with only one goal in mind: to design and manufacture everything in the best way possible. All previous insights were reportedly set aside so new and innovative concepts were developed.
IOPEDAL says the same requirement from any throttle controller is achieved by connecting the cable harness and main module to the accelerator pedal, but this is where the similarity ends with other controller types.
The main module is tucked away safely under the dashboard or behind the lower footwell cover panel. It says the flexibility to mount the remote control, without restrictions, anywhere in your vehicle is undoubtedly the best form function.
The wireless remote controller can be installed anywhere on the dashboard or, if you prefer, put it in the glove box, centre storage or keep it with you in your pocket. The IOPEDAL reportedly eliminates the logistical nightmare of the cable harness.
IOPEDAL’s wireless remote controller’s intuitive interface allows all functions and settings to be easily accessed and activated. Toggling through the different driving modes is as easy as selecting left or right buttons.
Special functions include Secure and Valet modes. Valet mode allows the owner to change the throttle responsiveness to eliminate the risk of joy rides or hooning and when the keys are handed over to inexperienced drivers or repair shops. Secure mode is an extra layer of anti-theft protection which works by disabling the throttle pedal.
The IOPEDAL offers an interchangeable cable harness resulting in a seamless transfer to another vehicle. The owner can simply purchase a cable harness to match the new vehicle.
With four different driving modes and five fine adjustments within every mode, there is a setting for every drive no matter what the conditions. On offer is SportMode and XtremeMode, TrafficMode and EcoMode, along with StockMode, ValetMode and SecureMode.
IOPEDAL options are available for most vehicle models from 1998 onwards and include Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and EV (full electric) vehicles such as the well-known Tesla.

For more information or to become a reseller partner, contact the Australia Distributor, IOPEDAL Australia, on 08 6116 8106.