Two Way Magnetic DC Power Distribution Boards

Topo DC Power MAG Series is the world’s first product of its kind, designed for Australia’s automotive aftermarket industry.
The boards have been designed to complement Topo’s lithium power systems and are compatible for all existing 12 Volt power systems wanting to add, daisy chain, or extend additional low draw 12V auxiliary outputs.
Key features and benefits:
• Solid magnetic mounting system which is clearly labelled and covered with high-density foam.
• Simplified and more innovative installation solution, addressing a problem faced when fitting and positioning all custom 12Volt power outlets.
• Reduces and saves on installation costs, avoiding costly reworks and complicated wiring.
• Mountable on any ferromagnetic surface or mounting plate.
• Simple Plug and Play from your 12V power sources.
• Offers a range of 12V outputs to suit most accessories.
• 12V outputs protected in a tough two-tone Anodised aluminium casing.
• Two wire Positive and Negative connection.
• Fused protection.
• Long-lasting.

Topo DC Power products are said to be serviceable and repairable even in today’s throwaway society.
The product guides users into a more straightforward and imaginative custom 12V setup and the non-permanent mounting system gives users the freedom to reconfigure, extend, and take their power with them within arms each.
Made in Australia backed with Australian after sales and technical support, the durable design and materials used promise that with basic care and maintenance, these products will withstand Australia’s harsh conditions.

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