Tridon’s full range of high-quality thermostats, radiator caps and hose clamps ensure vehicle engine and cooling systems are operating as they should to keep cars efficient and cool

Formed in 1976, Tridon Australia has been a specialist manufacturer and supplier of cooling system products in the automotive aftermarket for more than 45 years and is still a proudly Australian-owned and operated family business.
Up until the mid-1980s, Tridon supplied three main product categories: hose clamps, electronic flashers and windscreen wiper refills.
With the expansion into New Zealand in 1986, Tridon soon recognised there was a wide market for new products and began creating its extensive automotive cooling, ignition, and wiper product range with the objective of providing extensive vehicle applications to ensure maximum market coverage.
Tridon was interested in consumable automotive cooling products as a result of its successful hose clamp manufacturing, and found a perfect fit with thermostats and gaskets. Standard and high flow thermostats from Tridon quickly gained a reputation for their superior quality and reliability.
Launched in 1988 with only a few products, the Tridon thermostat range swiftly expanded to over 230 part numbers, with high flow thermostats introduced during this time.
The high flow thermostat design enables increased coolant flow and enhanced cooling system performance by using a larger opening valve. Tridon explains that this is ideal for harsh Australian conditions, high performance applications or vehicles where additional loads are placed on the engine; such as towing, climate or demanding roads.

Thermostat technology
The thermostat is an integral part of the cooling system in a vehicle. It is a temperature control valve assembly designed to regulate the engine’s temperature to ensure optimum performance, power and economy.
Temperature and pressure control is vital for engine performance, lifespan and efficiency. Once the vehicle’s optimal temperature is reached, the thermostat allows coolant from the engine to circulate through the radiator.
Whilst the engine is running the thermostat constantly regulates and controls flow and temperature by making finite adjustments to the flow rate of the coolant.
These adjustments are made either by the vehicle’s management system and a signal or with carefully calibrated wax.
The modern vehicle cooling system has rapidly evolved as a result of improvements in engine design and the drive for more power and fuel efficiency.
There are two types of thermostat designs which are widely used in modern vehicles, commonly known as conventional thermostats and electronically controlled thermostats.
When the specified thermostat temperature is reached, conventional design thermostats use a wax pellet to enable the primary valve to open.
Electronic thermostats however allow the control valve to operate electronically, providing more precise and immediate temperature control. This is managed by the vehicle’s engine management system.
In modern automotive applications, complete housing and electronically controlled thermostat units have largely replaced the conventional and dependable wax pellet construction.

Tridon is committed to being first to market with the latest cooling technology, such as this electronic control thermostat.

Extensive thermostat range
Tridon’s commitment to delivering the most up-to-date vehicle applications for maximum market coverage has never been stronger.
With the recent addition of 75 new thermostat part numbers, Tridon’s extensive range of thermostat and gasket products will increase from 651 to an unrivalled 726 active SKUs. Tridon anticipates that this figure will continue to increase as more numbers are added during the year.
With a comprehensive selection of high-quality direct replacement thermostats, including conventional, bypass, integrated housing, and electronic varieties; Tridon explains that its thermostats and gaskets have been created to meet or surpass OE specifications and are fully factory calibrated.
Tridon states they are made from the best materials available to offer “unmatched quality, exceptional performance and long service life.”
New Tridon thermostat part numbers together with extensive applications and product information can be found on Tridon PartFinder and through all major parts catalogues.

Radiator and expansion tank caps
The Tridon radiator cap range is another example of Tridon’s commitment to delivering the highest quality and widest range in the industry.
Radiator and expansion tank caps are an integral part of every vehicle’s cooling system. The thermostat and radiator cap must work in unison to ensure that the correct working temperature is reached.
The radiator cap is integral to the cooling system, allowing it to regulate pressure and prevent damage caused by over pressurisation.
Tridon radiator and expansion tank caps are calibrated to relieve pressure and retain vacuum; this allows for a sealed cooling system to overflow as the coolant heats up and to recover that coolant as it contracts.
With over 65 part numbers in the range fully applicated to the Australian market, the selection of expansion tank and radiator caps from Tridon is constantly expanding.
Tridon says that its research and development department continues to add new part numbers and update vehicle listings, ensuring that all vehicles are covered.
And as with all Tridon products, extensive applications and detailed product information can be found on Tridon PartFinder and through all major parts catalogues.

Hose clamps
Tridon says its hose clamps are the ultimate choice when it comes to sealing the vehicle’s vital fluids including fuel, oil and of course, coolant.
All of these fluids are stored and transferred under pressure throughout the vehicle’s systems.
The fitment of a high-quality hose clamp is the only way to ensure the safe operation of any vehicle.
Engineered with features that create the most reliable hose clamp on the market, Tridon says its products are demanded by trade professionals.
2023 will see the launch of a new Tridon hose clamp catalogue, showcasing and adding to the company’s vast selection of worm drive and specialty automotive fasteners. 
The Tridon clamp catalogue will feature a variety of automotive clamp solutions including Constant Tension Worm Drive Clamps and Spring T-Bolt Clamps.
These new lines are designed for use in automotive, trucking and mining. They are ideal for high temperature environments including radiator, intercooler and exhaust hose applications.

Research and development
Tridon has continued making significant investments in R&D, expanding the product development team with additional resources in both digital cataloguing and research and development.
This ensures the latest products are brought to market first and presented to the trade in the form of accessible vehicle applications.
Tridon says its entire product team is committed to quality, performance and innovation while also offering local technical support specifically for the Australian automotive aftermarket.

Product range and distribution
In addition to the cooling range, Tridon also offers a variety of cable ties, switches and sensors, automotive caps, engine management products, glow plugs, heater fan resistors and oil cartridge caps, as well as the newly introduced sump plugs and sump washers.
Tridon owns and distributes Toledo specialty tools, Sykes-Pickavant premium workshop tools and Matson battery products and accessories. Tridon also exclusively distributes market leading German brands Knipex and Rennsteig.
With national branches and warehouse facilities in key locations around Australia and New Zealand, products are closer to customers for faster delivery and local customer service support.
Tridon says its hose clamps, thermostats, and radiator caps are offered and highly recommended by all reputable trade parts suppliers.

For more information, visit or contact Tridon Customer Service on 1300 362 263.