There are few better ways to enjoy Australia’s great outdoors than in a 4WD

This great land Down Under has thousands of kilometres of picturesque bush tracks to explore, along with breathtaking outback scenery and the world’s best beaches.
However, the moment your big adventure has you leaving the bitumen is the moment you start to work your engine harder. And much harder again when you begin tackling rugged, rocky tracks, aggressive inclines, or pushing through sandy or boggy terrain.
Watching the fuel gauge plummet uncomfortably fast is a sure sign your engine is under appreciably increased strain.
Then factor in the fact that the harder your engine is working, the more heat it produces. Worse still, it is typically producing all this extra heat at low to very low speeds. Understandably, it quickly becomes a real struggle to keep your engine from getting a little hot under the collar.
All in all, while touring and off-roading is fantastic fun for all the family, it is not such fantastic fun for your engine – given the sustained high loads, increased heat stress, and inevitably dusty conditions it is required to deal with.
Mobil says that fortunately it is under tough and arduous conditions like these that Mobil Super All-In-One Protection shines.
Mobil Super All-In-One Protection is a range of premium quality, full synthetic, high-performance motor oils, available in viscosities and specifications to suit an incredibly broad range of modern petrol and diesel 4WD vehicles.
Each product has been developed side-by-side with vehicle manufacturers to meet the latest specifications, including a factory-approved offering for Ford Ranger.
The high-performance Mobil Super range has been engineered to prolong engine life and maintain engine efficiency while minimising exhaust emissions.
Mobil says this enhanced All-In-One Protection is backed by a long history of innovation in lubricant technology by ExxonMobil.
In addition to fighting sludge and deposit build-up, another key element to the superior performance of the Mobil Super range is Mobil’s Heat Activated Anti-Wear Molecule.
Mobil – which states it is the world’s leading synthetic motor oil – says it means the more your engine heats up, the harder Mobil Super works to protect your engine.
Mobil states it allows for extended driving at elevated temperatures without the oxidative oil thickening or oil breakdown you typically get with ordinary engine oils; all of which keeps your hard-working engine running like new, for longer.

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