Air hose reels and water hose reels from Jamec Pem

Jamec Pem says its Jamec Pem Pro X Air Hose Reels and Water Hose Reels are “built tough.”
The air and water hose reels are professional/industrial grade and feature the Extreme Ultraflex Reinforced Hose for the most demanding of shop conditions.
Jamec Pem says an extremely tough hose technology is used which will stay flexible in the cold and will not kink in the heat, allowing full flow in all weather conditions and work site environments.
We all know hoses can be a trip hazard and at least an irritating mess on site, but Jamec Pem says this is not so with the Jamec Pem Pro X Extreme.
It explains the easy mount system affixes simply to a shop wall or fixing point, keeping things safe and tidy.
But it’s what goes on inside that makes the difference, says Jamec Pem, stating that both hoses feature the auto lock/rewind and stop anywhere function and it’s the controlled hose return that is the highlight.
With a standard hose reel, the wind can be fast and result in a whip hazard at the end. This situation is unsafe and may also damage things that come into the path of an out-of-control hose. With the Pro X Extreme reel, it’s a fast, yet gentle and regulated wind-in.

When it comes to hoses, you don’t want to tangle with these two tough guys, says Jamec Pem. In fact, you can’t thanks to the unique Pro X left to right hose layering system which ensures the hose retraction is controlled and tangle-free.
Further, there’s the handy tension control which allows quick and easy adjustment of the internal spring. This is perfect in the situation where the hose reel may need to be mounted higher and needs a little more tension for the hose to return normally, which Jamec Pem says makes its product truly versatile amongst hoses.
Both hose types can be replaced readily if required and all the connections are made with tough, quality brass fittings. The heavy-duty mounting bracket swivels 180 degrees and holds the high impact, weather-resistant, UV stabilised poly case firmly, protecting the hose and drum against dirt and contaminants.
Hoses are available in various convenient coil lengths of 10, 20 and 30 metres.
Jamec Pem says the Pro X Extreme Air and Water Hose Reels are extremely well made – robust and ready for the abuses from workshop and work site environments. Not only are they more efficient, it says, these hoses also make your site safer with one less trip hazard to worry about. You will also have a hose that lasts much longer, says Jamec Pem.

Key features:
• Fully enclosed outer case protects hose and drum against dirt and contaminants
• Unique Pro X hose layering system provides tangle-free use
• Precision machined solid brass internal spindle for strength and reliability (air hose reels only)
• Controlled hose return system
• Adjustable hose stopper
• Adjustable tension control
• Also available in 10, 20 and 30m coils.

Jamec Pem is distributed by Companion Brands.

For more information and stockists, please call 1300 657 022 or visit www.jamecpem.com.au