JAX Tyres & Auto recently announced its latest new partnerships

With new partnerships with two drivers competing across the Porsche Dixon Carrera Cup, Queensland Super Sprint, Queensland Production Cars and Australian Production Cars, JAX Tyres & Auto recently expanded what was already a comprehensive portfolio of motorsport sponsorship activities in 2023.
The service and tyre specialist was already supporting Supercars’ Grove Racing and its drivers, David Reynolds and Matt Payne, as well as the JAX Tyres & Auto Gosford entry in the 2023 Shitbox Rally, and the Sunshine Coast section of the 2023 Dunga Derby.
Now, the company has added support of Mark Bailey in the Queensland Super Sprint, Queensland Production Cars, and Australian Production Cars, and also David Russell in the Porsche Dixon Carrera Cup, to its sponsorship line-up.
“As car fanatics, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing top drivers go head-to-head in competition, and we’re delighted to give both David and Mark a boost as they head into the second halves of their respective seasons. Good luck, lads,” JAX Tyres & Auto Head of Network, Adam Montocchio, said.
“As a premium retailer and automotive service provider, motorsport, and associations with high performance vehicles and talented drivers are a natural fit for us,” JAX Tyres & Auto Brand and Marketing Manager, Ashlie Agius, added.
“The prominent branding across the teams, cars, and drivers puts JAX in an environment where automotive enthusiasts are in their element and keen to get behind brands that share their passions. Being involved in racing also provides a great opportunity for franchisee engagement.”
With these latest partnerships, there’s no doubt that JAX Tyres & Auto is stepping up its interests in Australian motorsport.

“The main evolution would be enhancing our national motorsport sponsorships, through our ongoing relationship with Grove Racing and the super talented Dave Reynolds, and with local competitions and drivers that demonstrate our commitment to communities,” Ashlie said.
“JAX stores are locally owned by business owners invested in their communities, and so there is a huge benefit to our franchisees to be able to demonstrate their support for people with a shared passion for cars.
“Race sponsorships are a great way to strengthen customers’ association with the brand. When they see the yellow JAX logo tearing around the track, the hope is that it will remind fans of the great experience they might have had at one of our stores, or through our other customer contact points.
“Brand building is important, but it would mean nothing if we weren’t able to follow through with a premium customer experience, which we’ve put ourselves in pole position with this year with the various CX Awards JAX has won.”
Founded in 1949, JAX Tyres & Auto is one of Australia’s most well respected and professional tyre and mechanical retailers, specialising in tyres, wheel, suspension, vehicle servicing and vehicle safety checks.
The company operates through more than 90 stores in Australia; Monthly, serving more than 60,000 customers and providing them with the best tyre brands, advice, service, and price for cars and 4x4s.
“One great benefit of these sponsorships, cumulatively for the brand and the business, is being able to showcase our range of skills when it comes to car servicing and maintenance,” Ashlie said.
“Supporting a variety of cars competing in different conditions helps to build a picture in customers’ minds of a service specialist able to turn its hands to any manner of problems and needs a vehicle might throw at it.”

David and Mark will carry updated liveries and other sponsor benefits including merchandise branding, logos on their dashboards, race suits and helmets, pit signage and event banners, online and social integration and competition media brand inclusions, and more.
“I’m stoked to have JAX come on board for the rest of the season. Their support is a massive boost as we get set to give everything we’ve got for the rest of the season, and it’s great to have a brand in our corner that lives and breathes cars every bit as much as we do,” David said.
“Having JAX in my corner with some tough races coming up is a huge deal, with a new set of tyres and wheels set to put me in the best shape possible as we head into the tail end of the 2023 season,” Mark said.
JAX Tyres & Auto has also been pleased to be able to use its sponsorship activities not only to raise its own profile, but also that of important causes.
“We’re always looking at strategic and creative ways to use our sponsorships as the foundation for new ideas and initiatives,” Ashlie said.
“For example, our partnership with Grove Racing allows us to involve Dave Reynolds in other initiatives in which his profile and appeal can broaden our reach.
“Earlier this year, that meant integrating him into our ‘Put a Cap on Breast Cancer’ campaign, in partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, in which he not only featured in our fundraising material, but he agreed to auction off his helmet following the Gold Coast Supercars round.”

For more information, visit www.jax.com.au