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Jenok explains it specialises in the design and development of aero wiper blades for passenger vehicles and has been supplying automotive workshops for many years.
John Warne, who established the business in 2011, says that to meet the growing demands of customers for a better product the decision was made to produce locally.
“This was easier said than done, with many teething problems and quite a few upset customers which thankfully stuck by us and we now can say we are mostly there,” John said.
“Manufacturing in Australia makes it easier for us to meet the growing demands of our customers and we continue to invest and keep ahead of the market with an ever-growing list of new wiper blade types and attachments for our customers to keep on hand.
“At Jenok we are passionate and focused on quality and committed to making constant improvements to our products.
“We have invested in the latest pressure mapping systems from the USA to make sure our wiper blades have an exact distribution of pressure along the length of the wiper blade which aids us to create a longer lasting product. In addition, we are constantly undertaking research and development so we can make design and material improvements.
“Over the last few years we have introduced a unique design which makes our wiper blade refillable. This means it easy to replace just the wiper rubber in seconds with no need to replace the whole assembly at every service which customers really appreciate.
“We also always ensure all of the components we use in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality – this is critical in our pursuit of offering the best wiper blades on the market.
“For example, our cold rolled flat wire from Europe with a zinc aluminium coating provides good corrosion resistance and keeps its tension over time, which makes for a longer lasting wiper blade and is the choice of car manufacturers the world over.”

As well as its wiper blades, Jenok also offers adapter kits which include nine different adapters.
“By providing an adapter kit instead of providing all adapters in our packaging, we are seeing one used per wiper which saves eight going to landfill – that’s 8,000 adapters saved for every thousand wipers sold,” John said.
“Thanks to our unique refillable design and separate adapter kit, we hope to tread a little lighter when it comes to our impacts on the environment.
“With the ever-changing models and adapter types, our range of wiper blades are a must for any busy service centre and we offer them at a trade price that simply makes sense.
“We have enjoyed some really great support from our customers over the years and this has only driven us to be better.”
Jenok says its website allows for easy online ordering and features aero blades in all sizes from 14 inch to 28 inch as well as a full range of metal frame wiper blades and wiper blade refills.

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