Engine technology does not stand still, so why should fuel additives?

With Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) posing new challenges to workshops, JLM Lubricants says it has risen to the challenge to support garages and car owners with its latest fuel additive, formulated solely to address GDI fuel injector problems.
While GDI engines boast impressive performance, efficiency and CO2 figures when the car is new, the benefits do not last forever. Tighter tolerances of the mechanical parts and higher soot/particulate production make GDI engines highly sensitive to contamination as they age.
The first issue many owners report is either an illuminated engine management light, reduced power, or excessive exhaust emissions that result in a roadworthiness inspection failure.
Rectifying the root-cause is not straightforward. As the fuel injectors are exposed to not only heat but also the by-products of the combustion process, contaminations become baked onto the injector tip, blocking its fine holes and altering the spray pattern. Sophisticated engine management will compensate for this injector fouling by adjusting the fuelling automatically, but only to a point. The challenge is not only to address the symptoms and effect a cure but also curtail future build-up.

JLM Lubricants says its GDI fuel additive performs all of these tasks. It is suitable for all GDI, FSI, TSI, TFSI, CGI and SIGI engine types, providing excellent nozzle cleanliness while cleaning the inside of the GDI injector. It reduces emissions (PN, NOx and CO2) and is compatible with the Euro 6/VI+ Exhaust Emissions Std.
GCG Turbochargers is the exclusive Australian and NZ distributor of JLM Lubricants.
“We are confident that JLM Lubricants GDI Injector cleaner is the finest on the market, but we admit that it cannot resolve all contamination issues in modern engines,” GCG Turbochargers Operations Manager, Paul Franks, said.
“Deposits that restrict low tension piston ring movement are best addressed with JLM’s Engine Oil Flush at every service, to restore the resultant lost compression.
“While more complete combustion has the additional benefit of reducing inlet deposits, JLM’s GDI Injector Cleaner cannot clean clogged intake manifolds, EGR valves and cylinder head ports. For this, JLM recommends its Air Intake Cleaner both as a cleaner and a preventative measure at service time.
“With the new GDI petrol injector cleaner joining forces with JLM’s existing Engine Oil Flush and Air Intake Cleaner products, JLM Lubricants allows workshops to offer the complete GDI decontamination cure to benefit the motorist, their cars and, of course, the environment.”

For more information, visit www.gcg.com.au