The company is committed to releasing new products for professional motor mechanics

JLM Lubricants explains that it is a global brand serving the automotive aftermarket space.
The company has focused on introducing new and improved products to help professional motor mechanics get the job done.
Recently, JLM has announced the launch of three new products: a multi spray, an engine oil stop leak, and a spark plug/injector loosener.
JLM says that its new injector loosener will provide “a lifeline to injectors that would otherwise have to be drilled out.”
It offers a strong cooling effect that maxes out at -40 degrees Celsius. This causes micro cracks that release the bond between the injector and the engine to allow for disassembling without breaking.
“It’s not always the case that a stuck injector is destined to be drilled out,” JLM founder, Gilbert Groot, said.
“With this product the stuck injector or spark plug can be loosened, but should it be impossible to extract, the mechanic knows they’ve done everything possible before resorting to drilling.
“Our inspiration for this product was on the back of the global reaction to our GDI Cleaner. Mechanics were asking for this as a natural partner.
“The two go hand in hand as part of the modern mechanic’s toolkit. And the motorist is spared the cost of footing the bill for a new injector.
“We remain steadfastly committed to the professional mechanic in the 40 countries where our products are used.
“Our mission is to innovate, improve and react without delay when we can see a compelling need to go back to the drawing board. These three products are the tip of the iceberg with more to follow in quarter two.”

For more information, visit www.jlmlubricants.com