With the CTEK PRO25S

The performance and lifespan of lead-acid batteries are seriously affected when exposed to temperature extremes – whether cold, or perhaps more surprisingly hot.
After a long Australian summer, battery management during servicing in the winter months is essential to ensure that vehicles don’t fall victim to costly battery failures in the workshop.
Despite the advances in battery technology and ECU controlled charging to help cope with modern vehicle demands, battery related faults remain one of the number one reasons for battery failure.
Did you know that the heat and the hot summer weather is actually the start of many winter battery problems? The battery can get damaged by high temperatures in summer and heat generated under the hood.
During the summer however, the warmth in the surrounding air can help the battery function well, so any drop in condition isn’t picked up. It’s not until the cold weather strikes, or the vehicle goes in for a service, that a problem is identified.
CTEK offers the following fast facts on battery maintenance:
• As temperatures drop, a lead acid battery loses capacity. This is due to the chemical reaction process within the battery slowing down, leading to reduced power output.
• Because low temperature affects the chemical reaction, this means even when the vehicle is running, the battery’s ability to accept charge drops and doesn’t charge as quickly.
• As the sun goes away and the colder weather starts, vehicle owners are more likely to use their cars for some shorter journeys that they might have walked over the summer. During these journeys the battery will not receive sufficient charge, which over time will result in a decreased state of charge and sulphation.
• One in three vehicles entering the workshop has a battery that requires attention.
“These facts demonstrate the importance of battery management in the workshop, however big or small the job, and whatever the time of year,” CTEK Director of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific, Robert Briggs said.
“We strongly recommend that technicians hook vehicle batteries up to a battery charger or support unit, such as our new PRO25S unit, as soon as it enters the workshop to protect against costly battery failure.”
CTEK says the PRO25S is an innovative, versatile and highly efficient 25A battery charger and power supply which has been developed around the needs of the automotive professional.
Combining power and advanced technology with safety, and the portability and flexibility to work with any 12V vehicle battery including lithium-ion (LiFePO4), CTEK says the PRO25S is the perfect solution to support the battery during diagnostic and fault-finding work.
“Don’t let the warmer summer months lull you into a false sense of security. Battery charging and support is important no matter the time of year,” Robert said.

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