It is important to properly clean and oil your K&N Filters

As a rule of thumb, K&N Filters says you should do a visual inspection of your filter about every 24 thousand kilometres for regular highway driving.
K&N Filters explained to Street Muscle Magazine that you may have to inspect your filter more frequently if you live where there is a lot of dust or dirt roads, as your environment will impact the amount of service your filter will require.
“K&N air filters can go up to 50,000 miles before they require cleaning under normal highway driving conditions. They should be cleaned more often in dusty conditions. You should also clean them more often for the best appearance on an exposed element air filter,” K&N’s Tim Martin said.
K&N says although some visible dirt on the filter is okay and it may actually help the filter’s ability to clean the air entering it, the filter should be cleaned and recharged when you are unable to see the aluminium mesh that encapsulates the filter.
K&N sells recharge kits which contain the correct cleaner and oil to service your filters. It manufactures both cotton fibre filters and synthetic fibre filters. Your filter application will designate which type of filter you have, so make sure you purchase the correct cleaner for your filter.
If you find that your K&N filter needs to be recharged, remove it from your vehicle and gently tap it out to remove the heavier dirt from it before spraying it with the K&N cleaner.

Spray your filter with the K&N cleaner liberally and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing. Rinse the element from the inside first with low pressure water, then rinse it from the outside.
For very dirty filters, you may have to repeat the cleaning procedure and rinse again. Shake the filter out to remove excess water and allow it to air dry for a couple of hours.
If you must speed up the process, you can use a hair dryer with no heat to help dry the filter. Do not use high pressure air because it will destroy the filtering capabilities of the filter’s microfibers and also void its warranty.
Once the filter is dry, you can now apply the oil. If using the aerosol type oil, spray the filter with one good coat of oil and let it saturate for about 20 minutes, then if required, touch up any areas that need it until you have a uniform coating of oil.
If you are using the squeeze bottle oil, apply the oil going lengthwise along the pleats, making sure to apply it to each pleat, then let it wick for about 30 minutes, before installing it.
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