HSP says its advanced engineering has made the HSP Roll R Cover “the most watertight option on the market”

The HSP Electric Roll R cover is a revolutionary retractable cover, says HSP, which explains it is a fully electric unit that allows the user to open, close and pause at the click of a button.
It is also watertight, with HSP stating the focus has been on not just keeping water out, but also about creating a safe passage for the water to exit.
When there is rain, the water will sit on the unit and run down the interlocking extrusions to the side rails. These side rails have both a Z-seal as well as a gutter and this allows the water to flow towards one of the four drainage points and safely exit your vehicle.
While all roll tops require maintenance, HSP says it has made the maintenance super simple and it can be done at your own home in less than five minutes. For more information, visit the HSP 4×4 Accessories You Tube channel.
The HSP Roll R Cover is reportedly the only roll top that is 100 percent manufactured and owned by Australians in Australia.

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